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Nutritional Tech to Augment Livestock Production Discussed at ANSICON-2022, GADVASU In Ludhiana

The theme of the 19th International Biennial Conference of Animal Nutrition Society of India (ANSICON-2022) revolved around ‘nutritional technologies to augment livestock, poultry, canine and fish production for global competitiveness'

Hiya Aneja

Experts at Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU) discussed the presence of mycotoxins in milk during the 19th International Biennial Conference of Animal Nutrition Society of India (ANSICON-2022) on Thursday, highlighting the 'clean milk' concept to prevent the transmission of zoonotic diseases like tuberculosis (TB) and brucellosis to humans.

Parkash Singh Brar, director of extension, GADVASU, highlighted the importance of cleaning milk, stating that unpasteurized milk could transport various zoonotic diseases.

“Mycotoxin remains present in milk even after boiling and higher risk of mycotoxins, contaminating maize silage, could directly affect herd efficiency,” Brar told the media.

He suggested farmers consult a nutritionist if they are particularly worried about mycotoxins in their silage and test their forage to predict the risk to livestock. He also recommended using proven bacterial inoculants to slow the progression of mycotoxins.

Experts debated the perfect livestock feed, which not only leads to higher productivity but also lowers the risk of bacterial transmission.

Vice-Chancellor Dr. Inderjeet Singh suggested that dynamic farmers with livestock feeding innovations be recognized. He highlighted the importance of crop variety selection for animal feeding, as well as new crop quality experiments.

According to Udeybir Singh, president of ANSI, this society of 1,500 members is always working on professional development. He also mentioned that GADVASU's animal nutrition department had been the first in the nation to develop dog food.

As per APS Sethi, Secretary of the Animal Nutrition Society of India, six technical sessions took place on the second day of the international conference, where a large number of scientists and students discussed various aspects of animal nutrition. He stated that the aftereffects of these technical sessions will be useful in developing future road maps in the animal nutrition sector.

According to Parminder Singh, the international conference's organizing secretary, a general body meeting of the Animal Nutrition Society of India was also held on the second day of the conference, which was attended by the society's office bearers and members to address concerns and decide on the society's future policy and planning.

Experts were also honored at GADVASU in Ludhiana during the 19th International Biennial Conference of the Animal Nutrition Society of India.

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