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ABCZ Announces Changes to ExpoZebu 2020 Regulation

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

86th ExpoZebu will be held between April 25 and May 3, 2020, at Parque Fernando Costa. The Brazilian Association of Zebu Breeders announced some changes to the ExpoZebu 2020 Regulation. The changes were presented and discussed on September 25, during a meeting between members of the ABCZ board of directors and representatives of all promotional associations of the Zebu breeds.

Marcelo Ártico, Director of Relations with Promotional Associations at ABCZ, considers that the elaboration of the regulation in a democratic and broad way and contributes to the aggrandizement and strengthening of all Zebu breeds. “The contributions of promotional associations bring, for ABCZ, the most sensitive perception of the technical moment of each of the races”, he highlights.

The 86th ExpoZebu will be held between April 25 and May 3 , 2020, at Parque Fernando Costa, in Uberaba (MG).

Regulation - Gir Leiteiro

For proof of age at the first delivery of matrices participating in the milk trial, communication will be accepted through the reproductive efficiency modality, provided that there is proof of official lactation for this delivery through the Individual Report on Lactation or Performance of Dairy Cattle. Official lactation is understood to be that performed by an agency duly qualified by MAPA for this purpose. The requirement for a minimum of 4 official controls in lactation in alignment with the MAPA legislation in force was removed.

- In item 2 of article 15 of the regulation, the age of the calf of the Gir Leiteiro and Indubrasil breeds is  removed since there is no requirement to present it.

- In item 3 of article 15 for proof of delivery of the mentioned breeds, the option of Dairy Cattle Performance for animals still in lactation is included, provided the delivery is communicated at ABCZ via CDN.

“The breeds Gir, Gir Mocho Duplo Aptidão, Gir Leiteiro, Guzerá Aptidão Leiteira and Indubrasil, are exempt from the requirement of calving at the foot for females who are giving birth, using as proof of birth the reproductive efficiency of SRGRZ, the birth record of creates or the Individual Report of Lactation or Performance of Dairy Cattle with the communication of birth. ”

- For the “Modelo Modelo” trial, the age in the dairy breeds is increased to 144 months.

- For the Dairy Contest there will be the indication of the best female of the breed classified as “Functional Dairy” type and she will receive the same amount of points foreseen for the best udder.

- The LCST (Corrected Milk for Total Solids) championship of the Dairy Contest will include scores for the creator and exhibitor in the same way as for the milk volume championship.

ABCGIL Proposals

Regulation - Gir Leiteiro

In Article 15, item “c” will have the required age expanded as follows:

Art. 15 - The animals can only enter the exhibition grounds and participate in any judgment if it is proven, at the time of official reception:

c) Childbirth before 40 (forty) months and 1 (one) day for the Gir Leiteiro breed.

- Being with positive pregnancy or rearing for females aged 31 (thirty-one) months for the Gir Leiteiro breed.

- For the Gir Leiteiro judgment categories, age is increased in the 22nd category and consequently judgment of the best senior udder, as follows:

- U - Best udder: disputed exclusively among those animals of the Gir, Gir Mocha and Indubrasil breeds, participating in the trial on the track, with prior indication of the breed judges, being grouped in the age categories.

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