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Best Buffalo Breed for Highest Milk Production & Resistant to Diseases

Vivek Verma
Vivek Verma
Murrah buffalo
Murrah buffalo

This buffalo is the most productive water buffalo breed. They are easily resistant to diseases and also adapts to climatic conditions of South India. All these factors make these buffaloes highly suitable for professional & organized dairy farming. The buffalo breed we are discussing here is Murrah Buffaloes.

A Murrah buffalo milk yield usually ranges from 10 liters per day to 16 liters per day. There are also buffaloes which yields more than 16 liters but their price will be higher. Murrah buffalo yield ranges in the range of 2500 to 3600 liters per lactation.

Let’s get some more detailed information about this breed:

1. Price of Murrah Buffalo

The price of Murrah buffalo ranges from Rs.60,000 to Rs.1,30,000 depending upon the qualities of the buffalo. Such qualities which influence the price of Murrah buffalo are size & structure of the buffalo, milk yield per day, hereditary of the buffalo, lactation cycle etc.

2. Body of Murrah Buffalo

The body of Murrah buffalo is well built, heavy & wedge shaped. The head is comparatively small & face is comparatively long. The color of Murrah buffaloes are jet black. The horns of Murrah Buffalo are different from other breeds of buffaloes. Murrah horns are short, turning backwards & upwards & finally curving inward spirally. The tail is long enough reaching up to fetlock joint. The legs are strong built but are comparatively short. Skin of Murrah buffalo is smooth & soft with scanty hair. The average body of a male Murrah buffalo is around 550 kgs & female is around 450 kgs. The average height of male & female Murrah buffalo are 1.42 & 1.32 meters.

3. Murrah Buffalo Milk Production

If proper care is given to female Murrah calf, it can become a milk yielder in 36 to 48 months. That’s the same reason their price is higher. They are more suited for South Indian climate. There is need of some precautions to be taken in summer months as temperatures can be very high in some places. Murrah buffalo purchased from Punjab or Haryana will take time to adjust in South India.

4. Age of Murrah Buffalo

The average age of Murrah buffalo is 11-12 years. The milk yields peak at fourth lactation & from then on it reduces for each lactation. Murrah buffalo’s pregnancy period is usually 310 days.

5. Fat percentage in Murrah buffalo milk

The fat percentage in milk of Murrah buffalo ranges from 6.5 to 9 percent. Murrah buffaloes have silent heat so one have to pay close attention to identify the heat. Once identifying the heat, cross with bull or artificial insemination can be done.

Approximate feed schedule of a lactating Murrah Buffalo:

• Green Fodder- 20-25 kgs
• Dry fodder- 8-10 kgs
• Concentrate feed- 4-6 kgs
• Mineral mixture- 50 gms
• Water- 30-40 liters
• The total cost of feeding a buffalo for a day is 100 rupees. The milk of Murrah buffalo is A2 milk as it is an Indian breed.

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