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Cows that Cannot Provide Milk Can be the Ultimate Solution for Many Farmer’s Problems

Vivek Verma
Vivek Verma
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A Cow even after she stops giving milk, still produces at least 7 liters of cow urine & 10 kgs of cow dung. If these are utilized, they can solve many problems for farmers.

Pakistan is all gearing up for running buses with cow dung as fuel & Indians are still chasing away stray cows. Indian farmers judges the usefulness of cows only through milk. After they cannot provide milk, farmers considers them as financial burden & thinks that they are useless for them. A cow can provide milk for a limited time but it produces Cow Dung & Cow Urine all their life.

Let’s discuss how cows can be the solution to many farmer’s problems:

1. Cow Dung and Cow Urine have multiple uses, it is used to make compost, vermi compost, biological enhancers etc. These can be used for additional incomes as 95% of the farmers discard cows after they cannot produce milk. Every Farmer should keep cows even after they cannot produce milk as they can be used in many other ways.

2. To reduce the consumption of DAP-urea in cultivation, Bio-enhancers like Panchgavya, Jiwamrit can be made from cow dung & cow urine.

3. Many states in India are facing the problems of stray cows. These include Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana& Rajasthan. Uttar Pradesh alone has more than 11 lakhs stray cows. To counter this UP Govt has ordered for the construction of ‘Gaushalas’. But this will not be the effective solution for this problem. This stray cows problems can only be solved when these cows will be made useful for the farmers.

4. Up to Rs.20,000 can be earned by making Organic Compost, Vermi Compost through Cow Dung & Cow Urine. This income can be from just one cow who is not giving any milk. Just imagine how much can be earned if all the stray cows are put to use. So farmers should think from next time before regarding any cow as useless only on the basis of milk.

5. If in place of urea, farmers start to use cow dung & cow urine, the Nitrogen that hangs in the atmosphere due to the usage of urea can be stopped completely.

6. Many cows suffer from various diseases. The most common of them are Intestinal TB that affects their milk producing capacity. The other problem is if the cows are being put in stressed situations, they gradually stop ovulating & become infertile. These cows stops giving milk & farmers free them as stray animals considering them as useless. While cows with diseases should not be used but those who became infertile due to stress & other similar conditions can still be used for cow dung & cow urine.

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