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Want to be a Profitable Dairy Farmer? Follow These Steps to Avoid Losses & Earn Huge Money

Vivek Verma
Vivek Verma
Dairy Farming

There are many dairy farmers that are facing loses after opening their dairy farms. Sometimes losses are so huge that they have to close down the business. On the other hand, there are some very successful dairy farmers that are earning good money and have a good customer base to sell their farm products.

We are going to talk about here some basic but important things to keep your dairy farm running. These steps will help you to earn good money and be a long term player in this game of dairy farming.

Dairy Farming Business: Perfect Tips to Make Profits & Avoid Loss

1. The Right Way to Utilize Milk For Profits

The main product of every dairy farm is milk. If your farm’s milk will not get sold then you will face losses and cannot survive. So the main objective should be to identify the potential markets and customers to sell your milk. Do some research and identify the potential markets such as urban cities, societies, potential customers.

Make sure to always provide best quality of milk and never do any mixing or tempering with it. This is the mistake that many dairies do these days. Customers nowadays are very smart and if they find out that you are doing such practices they will stop purchasing from you. You can charge little extra from your customers but always provide them with pure milk. They will surely be happy & will be with you for a very long time.

A dairy farm requires hard work to be a successful business. Never rely on your farm workers completely. This is like any other business rule: Always be present in your farm to do work. This will give you experience and in case your worker leaves for better opportunity or any other reason, you will be able to manage the work.

You will be left with some milk after selling majority of it. You can freeze it make curd from it. Always store curd in clay pots, it will add better taste to the curd and the curd will last longer. You can then sell curd also for additional income.

You can also make desi ghee from extra milk. Make sure to separate buffalo milk ghee and cow milk ghee. Then sell it as per the demands of the customer.

2. Cow and Buffalo Dung: Source of Amazing Additional Income

There will be ample amount of cow and buffalo dung that you will be left with always. Well there are many profitable ways to use it to make more money out of your farm.

You can sell dung to Farmers, Plant nurseries, Home gardeners etc. You can sell it in so many ways & it will give you good income. Make sure to sell pure dung without mixing sand in it. This will help you to gain trust of people you are selling to & they will be with you for very long time.

Another amazing use of dung is to make “Vermi Compost”. The other names of this are ‘Earthworm Manure’ OR ‘Kechua Khad’. The demand of Vermi Compost is huge nowadays and not many people are making it. There are so many farmers who are looking and want to buy Vermi Compost.

3. Start with Less Animals

It’s best to start a dairy farm with less number of animals. It will give you an idea about how much can you manage and how much milk can you sell. A dairy farm is best to start when the person is willing to take care of the animals himself and don’t rely completely on the workers.

4. Take Care of Cow & Buffalo Calf

You must take good care of Cow and Buffalo Calf’s. You can also do breeding. There are many injections that are in the market for Cow and Buffalo to produce female calves. You can opt for this practice. It will be beneficial for the future as you will have more cows and buffaloes for your farm. You can also earn money by selling female calf. If you don’t want to sell, even then you have an extra cow or buffalo for your farm for the future.

5. Do Insurance

Always make sure to do INSURANCE for your farm animals. There are various govt. policies for this. If in any case your animal dies, you will get the insurance money that will save you from suffering loses.

Hope these tips will make Dairy Farming more profitable for you. These are practical tips that have helped many dairy farmers across our country.

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