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Do You Know What’s the Cost of World’s Most Expensive Sheep, Double Diamond?

In colder regions, wool is so necessary and wools from different breeds of sheep costs differently, and different sheep also cost differently. But what’s so special about this sheep? Read and know about the most expensive sheep which has broken the record of the world’s most expensive sheep...

Sangeeta Soni
World's costliest sheep
World's costliest sheep

Wool is essential in colder climates, and wool from different breeds of sheep, as well as different sheep, costs differently. But what makes this sheep so unique?

Read and know about the most expensive sheep which has broken the record of the world’s most expensive sheep...  

Who is Double Diamond? 

A six-month-old lamb, Double Diamond, sold for Rs. 3.5 Crore at an auction in Glasgow, Scotland on 27th August 2020. This Texel lamb has broken the record to be the world’s most expensive sheep and was sold at the Scottish National Texel sale.  

The name of this Texel lamb is Double Diamond. It is a breed from Texel, Netherlands. Texel breed lamb is usually known for its lean meat and wool.  

Why this much Cost? 

The reason for Double Diamond to be sold at such as high price is its perfectly toned body, perfect head, and delicate gold color, and every part of the Double Diamond is noticeable. And its birthplace, i.e., at Macclesfield in Cheshire, UK.

The bidding war started with 10000 guineas i.e. Rs.9,52,200.60 and ended up at Rs. 3.5 Crore, when the agreement was reached at the share of sheep between three farms. The sheep was bought by three breeders- Auldhouseburn, Procters, and New view. 

The price at which Double Diamond is sold is worthy as per qualities he possesses. And Texel is one of the most appreciated sheep breeds in British farmers because of their thick and rich wool

“Every once in a while something special comes along and yesterday an extra Texel turned up, everyone wanted a piece of it,” one of the winning breeders, Jeff Aiken, told the Guardian. 

He also told that “I knew he was going to be a lot of money but I wasn’t expecting him to make that much. He’s just an outstanding animal. He’s a massive lamb with great confirmation and character, some of which is what breeding is all about.” 

One more reason for Double Diamond’s fame is that he was raised by last year’s Garngour Champion.  

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