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Earn Double Income with Toda Buffalo! Get 500 Litres of Milk per Lactation on an Average

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni
Toda Buffalo
Toda Buffalo

If you are a cattleman/animal keeper and want to increase your income, then this piece of writing is for you.

We are talking about Toda Buffalo. This buffalo can be a good means to increase income. It is mainly found in the Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu. Let us proceed to know more about this buffalo.

About the Buffalo

Usually, the color of this breed of buffalo is light/dark grey. Their body is small & mouth is wide, and their forehead is also wide. They have long horns, and short tail and legs are strong. This buffalo gives 500 litres of milk per lactation on an average.

Toda Buffalo Diet

Before feeding them leguminous fodder, add straw or add some amount of another type of fodder which will help them for good digestion.

Nutritional Requirements of this breed of buffalo are-

Important Nutrients- Energy, Calcium, Protein, Phosphorus, and Vitamin A.


  1. Grains- Maize, Wheat, Barley, Oats, Millet

  2. Oilseeds- Peanuts, Sesame, Soybean, Flax/cotton/mustard seeds, sunflower seeds

  3. By Product- Wheat bran, polished rice, Polished rice without oil

  4. Metals- Salt, Scrap metal

Shelter Requirement

  • A shed is needed to protect animals from rain, sun, cold, snowfall, and parasites

  • Proper water facilities must be there in the shed and proper ventilation should also be there.

  • Space for food should be large & open.

  • Drainpipe of animals’ waste, 30-40 cm wide & 5-7 cm deep.

Vaccines for Toda Buffalo Calf

  • After 7-10 days of birth, dehorn the calf with the electrical method.

  • Deworming at a regular interval of 30 days.

  • The viral respiratory vaccine is given to 2-3 weeks old calves.

  • Clostridial vaccination is given to 1-3 months’ age calves.

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