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Expo Zebu 2019 Announced Great Champions of Fair

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

About 2,060 animals participated in the Expo Zebu. The Expo Zebu 2019 announced Great Champions of the fair. Hundreds of breeders and industry leaders gathered at the official platform to follow the result, which this time included the Girolando race, invited to the fair. The samples were submitted to the trials, milk control and exposure. This year more animals participated as compared to last year, when the figure was 1,850.  

Mullapudi Narendranath of Andhra Pradesh, India was awarded for his contribution to Zebu Cattle Breeding around the World. He has written a 1200 Pages with 300+ Photos Book that is Published Information on 0ngole in India from 1885 to 2016 (130 Years) from 13 Book & 80 Scientific Research Findings _ All in one  Book  It’s Decades of Hard work being presented into a Book now. The book was released on the 3rd May 2019. 

Understanding the evolution of genetics from one year to another is not easy, since we are talking about a process that requires a little more time. But we have already seen some changes, especially in the younger generations. Even in the categories of young animals it is possible to realize that we already have a very interesting targeting of breed selection, "says Luiz Antônio Josahkian, Technical Superintendent of ABCZ. 

The qualities of the animals was also highlighted by the President of ABCZ, Arnaldo Manuel de Souza Machado Borges, who emphasized the importance of the trials in the process of genetic improvement of livestock, and take the opportunity to thank all those involved in the 85th Expo Zebu. 

President of ABCZ further added that the announcement of the great champions of the fair represents the conclusion of the high point of our schedule, which are the judgments. The biggest reason for Expo Zebu is this. From the beginning we had a very great expectation with this edition of the fair, because of our centenary, and the creators have overcome it by bringing animals of the highest quality to our enclosure.  

In addition to creators and leaders from all over the country, the award ceremony was attended by professionals from the sector and the specialized press. The result of the Grand Championships is available on the ABCZ website.   

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