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Farmer Provides VR headsets to Cows to Reduce Stress and Enhance Milk Production

A farmer has used VR headsets to trick his cooped-up cows into thinking they're outside in a meadow.

Shivani Meena
Cows wearing VR Headset
Cows wearing VR Headset

Izzet Kocak, from Turkey, got interested in the high-tech headgear after reading research that claimed it made cows happier. As a result, they produce more milk. According to Kocak, the decision is already paying off. He gave the headsets to two of his cows and saw that milk output increased from 22 to 27 liters per day. 

And what do the cows see when they put on the VR goggles? It appears to be visions of the outer world. 

'They are watching a green pasture, which provides them a mental lift. 'They're less stressed,' he says. Izzet has previously attempted to calm his cattle by playing classical music. But he says he's so happy with the headsets that he's going to buy 10 more. 

The headsets were created in collaboration with veterinarians and were initially tested on a farm in Moscow. 

To make the imagery work, IT engineers had to modify the software's color palette to match the animal's particular vision. Cows can't see red or green; they can only detect dim colors of yellow and blue. 

However, the Russian Ministry of Agriculture is convinced that the method works. Officials stated in 2019 that 'environmental conditions have a substantial influence on cow health and, as a result, the quality and amount of milk produced.' 

The headsets also 'reduced anxiety and increased general emotional state in the herd,' according to the researchers. 

Naturally, photos of the project have sparked some amusement on social media in recent years, with several people calling it 'The Matrix for cows.' There are many other tips for higher milk production available for Farmers associated with Dairy Farming.

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