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Fisherman in Andhra Pradesh Strikes Gold as Huge ‘Kachidi’ Fish Fetches Record Price of Rs 4.30 lakh

A local fisherman struck gold by netting a ‘kachidi’ fish, which fetched him Rs.4.30 lakh. The fish species, spotted rarely in the seacoast of Andhra Pradesh, has medicinal values. Read to know about it in detail!

Ayushi Raina
Andhra Pradesh struck gold by netting a ‘kachidi’ fish that fetched him Rs.4.30 lakh
Andhra Pradesh struck gold by netting a ‘kachidi’ fish that fetched him Rs.4.30 lakh

A fisherman in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh struck gold by netting a ‘kachidi’ fish that fetched him Rs 4.30 lakh. The fish species, which is only found on the seacoast of Andhra Pradesh, possess numerous medicinal properties.

The species is commonly found in the Sundarbans of West Bengal and off the coast of Bangladesh, and it is also known as Gold Fish due to the high price it commands. The black spotted croaker is known as kachidi by local fisherman. They lay their hands on the fish species very rarely. 

The Sona Boat team, according to sources, caught the kachidi fish off the coast of Kakinada and transported it to the Kumbabhishekam temple fish market for sale. S Ratnam, a fish trader, paid Rs.4.30 lakh for the 30 kg fish. Fishermen, who are lucky enough to net kachidi fish, usually auction it to get a higher price for their catch.  

When two fishermen from East Godavari district ventured into the sea for fishing at Antarvedi in Sakhinetipalli mandal in November 2021, they netted a kachidi fish weighing 21 kg and sold it for a record price of Rs.2.6 lakh. 

Similarly, another Kakinada fisherman received a record sum of Rs.2.4 lakh for his prize catch. The fish typically weighs between 10-40 kg, and its air bladder and flesh are utilized by pharmaceutical companies in the preparation of medicines. According to local fisherman, the dissolvable stitches are made from its air bladder. 

About Kachidi Fish: 

Kakinada is not new to such giant fish and a kachidi fish was sold for 2.4 lakh in the past. The black spotted croaker that is locally referred to as kachidi is identified as goldfish in West Bengal and Bangladesh. The name does not refer to the color of the fish but its commercial value. Its medicinal value is appreciated across East Asia and its gall bladder and flesh are used by pharma companies. 

Normally found in the Sunderbans in deltaic Bengal and off the coast of Bangladesh, the fish is occasionally spotted in Andhra Pradesh. Its commercial value makes it a valuable catch for fishermen. 

A fully-grown adult measures around one meter and a female around 1.1 meters. It usually weighs around 30 kg. The highest grade fish is procured by countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Japan. 

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