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Free Goat Sheep Scheme for Widows and Destitutes with 100% Government Subsidy; Details Inside

Widows and destitute’s living below the poverty line can now apply to get 5 goats or sheep with a 100 per cent subsidy in Virudhnagar of Tamil Nadu.

Abin Joseph
Woman with goats
Woman with goats

Widows and destitute’s living below the poverty line can now apply to get 5 goats or sheep with a 100 per cent subsidy in Virudhnagar of Tamil Nadu. 

According to District collector J . Meghanath Reddy  100 beneficiaries in each of the panchayat under his jurisdiction will be given 100 sheep or goats in Virudhanagar district. 

Under this scheme widows, destitute’s and female landless farmers are eligible to get benefits under this scheme. 

However, there are a few conditions to avail these schemes. These are as follows :  

  • The beneficiary of this scheme should be a permanent resident of the panchayat and their age should be at or below 60 years.

  • They must not own livestock, and neither the applicant nor any of their immediate relatives – spouse, mother, father, father-in-law, mother-in-law, son, son-in-law, daughter, and daughter-in-law – must work for the state government, the federal government, cooperative organizations, or local governments.

  • The applicant must not be a recipient of any of the existing free milch animals, goats/sheep distribution schemes, or other comparable programs. Interested and qualified individuals can pick up applications at Animal Husbandry Department dispensaries in their area and return them by December 9 to the dispensaries.

Recently many such initiatives have been launched to help provide below poverty line farmers to have a source of income other than working on the fields, this scheme is currently aimed at helping provide widows and destitute’s with a way to earn their living is another form of the same scheme. However, it’s a good implementation of India’s ever-growing dairy industry and will surely provide lots of people with extra monthly income. 

The cattle industry has emerged as a critical component of a more equitable and long-term agricultural system. over one-fifth (23%) of agricultural households with extremely tiny plots of land (less than 0.01 hectare) indicated livestock as their primary source of income, according to data from the National Sample Survey Office's (NSSO) 70th round survey. Farming households with some cattle are better equipped to bear hardships caused by harsh weather. 

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