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Most Expensive Goat Sold for Rs 15 Lakh, What’s So Special About This Breed?

The Marrakesh goat of Australia is making headlines these days and the reason is its high price. This goat has broken all the records & has become the most expensive goat in Australia. It was sold for a whopping $21000

Sugandh Bhatnagar
Marrakesh Goat
Marrakesh Goat

The Marrakesh goat of Australia is making headlines these days and the reason is its high price. This goat has broken all the records & has become the most expensive goat in Australia. It was sold for a whopping $21000

The owner of Australia’s Most Expensive GoatAndrew Mosely  described it as “Very Stylish Buck”. 

The goat was put up for Auction in Cobar, a town in western New South Wales, where its maximum bid was $21,000, or Rs 15 lakh. Earlier, the most expensive goat sold in Australia was priced at $12,000. Andrew Mosley, who paid such a heavy price for this goat, said “He’s a very stylish buck, very well put together. Nice and free in his movement ... not too big, but he’s got that early growth, muscle and fat cover,” as per the report in The Guardian.  

Mosley is fond of buying good goats, before Marrakesh, Andrew Mosley bought another goat for $9000 last year. According to ABC News, Moseley raises sheep, cattle as well as goats, and has even built a fence to protect his herd from wild animals. 

Why is it so Expensive? 

Mosley told that goats like Marrakesh are expensive because their numbers are very less. He told that the farmers of this area want to rear good quality goats so that the demand for meat can be met. Marrakesh was raised at Rangland Red Stud in Guduga near the Queensland border. During the cobar sale, their number was 17 and these goats grow & mature very fast.

Mosley said that the large body size of the goat, does not necessarily mean that its quality will also be good. However, he bought Marrakesh because he looks very healthy and can produce better quality babies. Mosley said the goat is not yet well-fed enough to withstand the dire conditions in western New South Wales.  

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