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Generate Heat in Cows, Buffaloes and Other Animals With These Amazing Home Remedies

Keep reading the blog to know amazing tips for generating heat in animals.

Shivani Meena
Feeding animals with home remedies can generate heat in animals
Feeding animals with home remedies can generate heat in animals

Many farmers complain that their animals do not get heat, due to which productivity gets affected. Heat is essential for farm animals - right from producing milk to giving birth, heat is required. Livestock farmers have been facing this problem for a long but today we are going to tell some home remedies to generate heat in animals. After which your animal will start getting heat with only 3 days of use. 

How to Generate Heat in Animals

Below is the list of the home remedies which can effectively work to generate heat in animals with all do's and don'ts:

Use Nutmeg in Animal Feed 

First of all, you will need Jaiphal, which you will get from any local grocery store. After cooking nutmeg well on fire, break it with a rolling pin and feed it to the animal by putting it in their straw or food. 

Giving Jaggery 

Jaggery, given in moderation, helps in the growth of microorganisms in the stomach of animals and enhances digestion power. This increases the amount of hunger in the animals. Jaggery gives energy as well as increases appetite, so it helps in supplying essential elements, due to which the animal gets heat, but try not to give jaggery in excess and continuously, because if given in excess quantity it can cause trouble for the animal. 

Feeding Cottonseed 

Cottonseed is given to bring heat into animals. Due to this, new milk is formed quickly in the animals. But cottonseed should always be boiled because raw cottonseed contains a poison called gossypol, which can also harm the animal. 

Mixture of Jaggery and Taramira oil 

Give a mixture of jaggery and taramira oil to your animals for about half Kg to one Kg for 5-7 days. Sometimes a little salt is also added to this mixture or some people make a decoction of fennel, carom seeds, dry ginger, and jaggery and give it to animals. This is also one of the effective methods to generate heat into livestock. 

Feeding a mixture of jaggery, mustard oil, and sesame 

According to this recipe, mix jaggery and an equal quantity of sesame in about 100 ml oil, grind this mixture and feed it to the animals for 4 to 5 days. There is a lot of protein in jaggery, mustard oil, and sesame. So when all these elements are mixed, the chances of conceiving the animal increase. 

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