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Good News for Livestock Farmers! Apply Soon to Get 60% Subsidy on Goat Rearing

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni

If you are a resident of Bihar and work in Animal Husbandry, here is good news for you. In fact, to promote animal husbandry in Banka district, the government has started the Integrated Goat and Sheep Development Scheme. Under this scheme, farmers will be given subsidy on goat rearing. In this, 50% subsidy will be given for general category farmers and 60% for scheduled caste and scheduled tribe farmers.

According to the reports, Districts Animal Husbandry Officer Dr. Sunil Kumar Verma said that this year under the “Integrated Goat and Sheep Development” scheme, three units for 20 goats and one goat and 40 goats and two goats will be given one unit in the district. In this, the district has got the target this time for 20 goats and one goat for Scheduled Tribes and two units of 40 goats and two goats.

For this, farmers need to submit online applications.

Benefits of Goat Rearing

Rearing goat along-with farming in a drought-prone area is a low cost good business that can be done easily, it has many benefits:

  • In the time of need, you can easily obtain money by selling goats.

  • No technical knowledge is required for rearing goat.

  • This business spreads very fast. So, you can generate more profit at lower cost.

  • Local market is available for this. Most of the businessman purchase goat from villages only.

Application Process for Getting Subsidy on Goat Rearing-

For all the information related to the Cost and Grant for Opening a Goat farm under the “Integrated Goat and Sheep Development Scheme” in the Financial Year 2020-21 & Subsidy


Where to apply to get subsidy on goat rearing-


For more information about goat rearing-


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