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Good News for Livestock Farmers! Get 90% Subsidy on Goat, Sheep & Pig Farming; Apply Here

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

Animal husbandry is one of the fastest-growing agri-business not only in India but across the globe. Moreover, animal husbandry is considered as the second most important source of income for farmers after cultivation. Farmers can easily earn better income or double their earning capacity through cattle, goat and sheep rearing. Keeping this in mind, the central government along with state government has been initiating different schemes to give more power and benefits to the farmers.

Recently, the central government has decided to give subsidy on sheep, goat and pig farming. In fact, with the aim of improving the standard of sheep, goat and pig rearing, the ‘Rural Backyard Sheep, Goat and Piggery Scheme’ has been started in the state of Uttar Pradesh which will run under the supervision of Animal Husbandry Department.

Rural Backyard Sheep, Goat and Piggery Scheme

As per reports, the government decided to provide a 90% subsidy on goat/sheep and pig rearing. This means that the farmer will just have to bear 10% of the cost. The Animal Husbandry Department has fixed Rs 66,000 and Rs 21,000 as costs for Goat/sheep and pig rearing.

Know the Cost of Goat / Sheep Rearing 

Under this scheme, the cost of sheep and goat rearing project has been fixed at 66 thousand rupees while the pig rearing project at 21 thousand rupees per unit. Chief Veterinary Officer of UP Badaun, Dr. AK Jadoun informed that sheep/goat rearers/farmers will be given subsidy according to the unit of animals. 

Subsidy for Goat / Sheep/Pig Farming

As per reports, the central government is giving 60% while the state government will give 30% for this scheme, the stockholder will have to bear the remaining 10%. However, sheep and goat rearers will have to deposit Rs. 6600 and pig rearing beneficiaries have to deposit Rs. 2100 in their account opened under the scheme. The remaining funds of the scheme will be deposited through RTGS in the same account. Moreover, the department has been allocated a target of 30-30 for sheep, goat and 50 for pig.

How to Apply for the Subsidy on Goat/Sheep/Pig Farming?

Application Process for Subsidy on Goat / Sheep/ Pig Farming

Those who have goat/sheep/pig rearing can submit their application to the block level veterinary officer through Pradhan and the beneficiaries will be shortlisted by the district level selection committee.

Note: Due to the ongoing nationwide lockdown, the functional process of the scheme may get delayed. It is advised to the farmers to wait till the opening of the lockdown and strictly follow government guidelines and safety measures.

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