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Himachal Pradesh’s Pahari Cow Gets Indigenous Tag

The National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR), Karnal has officially recognized a cattle breed of Himachal Pradesh as ‘indigenous’.

Abha Toppo

The National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR), Karnal has officially recognized a cattle breed of Himachal Pradesh as ‘indigenous’.

The cattle breed was registered as a unique species with different features/qualities after researchers from Chaudhary Sarwan Kumar Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University (HPAU) gave the NBAGR with scientific evidences in this regard.

Professor Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice Chancellor of HPAU said that the NBAGR has approved & registered ‘Himachali Pahari’ as 1st indigenous cattle breed of the state. Government has applied for the registration of this cattle breed under the name ‘Gauri’. But, the name is yet to be allotted.

Veterinary scientists from Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University-led director of extension education did the research work to get this cattle breed registered with the NBAGR, the nodal agency of ICAR for registration of newly identified germplasms of livestock & poultry in India.

Prof. Sarial told that 7 cattle breeds registered as ‘Himachali Pahari’ have an estimated population of 8, 00,000 and are primarily distributed in 7 districts including Chamba, Mandi, Kullu, Kangra, Sirmour, Kinnaur & Lahaul Spiti.


He added that the cow has high content of amino acids and is disease resistance. Also the protein found in the cow’s milk is very good for fighting many diseases including diabetes.

It must be noted that the cow is adapted to mountain topography, very cold climate & fodder scarcity owing to higher white blood cells, red blood cells & haemoglobin levels. Its daily milk yield ranges from 1 to 3 litres.

Prof. Sarial also said, “Since it has been registered as a distinct breed the livestock keepers will have exclusive rights to its ownership”. He added that people would also be encouraged to raise Pahari cow for its unique characteristics, particularly adaptability & milk quality.

He also said a breed of buffalo ‘Gojri’ reared in Chamba, Kangra and few parts of Punjab by migratory Gujjars has also been registered by the National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources.

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