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Hygienic and clean meat consumption is prerequisite for good health of consumers: Vet Experts

KJ Contributor
KJ Contributor
Veterinary Expert

Being nutrient dense foods with high moisture content, meat serves as an ideal medium for growth of microorganisms. Thus, handling and preservation of meat is essential to upkeep its quality. These views were expressed by experts from the Department of Livestock Products Technology, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU) in Ludhiana.

While sharing information on clean practices for hygienic meat production, handling and consumption, they insisted on control measures from farm to fork. They revealed that in case of roadside or clandestine slaughter, improper washing of the carcasses either in river or pond water is a usual practice. In most of the times, same water tub is repeatedly used for washing and cleaning for number of birds or animals, resulting in cross contamination of carcasses. Thus, at the time of slaughter, butchers and meat handlers should pay utmost care for safe and clean handling of animals and carcasses.

From consumer point of view, proper cooking of meat prior to consumption is regarded best measure to prevent any meat borne illness. Recently, consumers are skeptical about the association of novel corona virus (COVID -19) with meat and eggs due to rumours and false news circulated on social media. Experts insisted that there is no proven association between consumption of properly cooked meat products with the occurrence of novel corona virus (COVID -19).

People need to understand that adequate cooking and hygienic handling post processing should be an essential practice. The experts further revealed that department of LPT is regularly conducting trainings for floor level meat workers and butchers for hygienic meat production. In addition, number of technologies have been developed for processing of meat and eggs into value added products which are available for transmission to budding entrepreneurs. 

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