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J&K Administration Comes Up with ISDS Scheme to Boost Sheep Farming

The administration of Jammu and Kashmir has developed a new scheme to boost sheep farming in the UT.

Ayushi Sikarwar
A young cattle farmer with a herd of sheep in Jammu and Kashmir
A young cattle farmer with a herd of sheep in Jammu and Kashmir

According to an official statement released by the J&K administration, an integrated sheep development scheme (ISDS) was launched on Monday (14 November 2022) to promote the commercial base of those involved in sheep farming.

It further added that the various schemes apart from ISDS has been launched by the local authorities to increase the aware the locals of the latest methods and techniques regarding sheep farming with an initiative to increase their revenue from the occupation.

The livelihood of nearly 12 lakhs families is associated directly or indirectly with the animal husbandry sector in the union territory.

The Sheep Husbandry Department of J&K aims to garner enormous production of wool and mutton through the initiative and put an end to unemployment among youths.

The statement read that the fresh scheme will aid to raise livestock productivity in a 'sustainable manner and explore the potential for export and the 'value-added' products.

The sheep-rearing industry is improving overall, and the socioeconomic standing of the vast majority of livestock producers is also improving. This is due to the introduction of high genetic potential sheep breeds, exotic breeds for crossbreeding, marketing facilities, and preventive mechanisms for endemic disease problems.

The implementation of ISDS has significantly increased livestock production and encouraged entrepreneurship in the Jammu and Kashmir sheep industry.

By producing wool, meat, skin, and manure, sheep sector has a variety of uses that benefit the economically disadvantaged groups in society.

According to the statement, ISDS makes financial assistance from banks as well as other incentives and subsidies available. Anyone can apply for the programme, including individuals, groups of individuals, cooperative organisations, farmer producer groups, and self-help groups.

The plan also includes a clause for the purchase of shearing units, which consist of a shearing machine, a generator, and sharing accessories. Additionally, it said that 50% of the unit cost, up to a maximum of Rs 75,000 per unit, is also available as the total qualifying subsidy.

As it increases farmers' income from practising agriculture, the programme significantly contributes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's goal of doubling farmer income, according to the notification.

The department also offers all forms of support to breeders during disease outbreaks to reduce loss. For rural J&K, the structural adjustments and amalgamation of various programmes for farm and non-farm population represent nothing short of a revolution.

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