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Livestock Insurance is Need of the Day

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

Insurance Foundation of India organized a daylong Seminar in a PHD House and the knowledge Paper" Risk Mapping and Analysis of Cattle Insurance Portfolio for Improving the Cattle Insurance Penetration in India" prepared by National Insurance Academy, Pune  was released for the benefit of the farming community who are interested to know more on the livestock insurance. 

The programme was so conceived that the complete knowledge on the issues related to the livestock were discussed and also replied to the questions by the delegates.

The programme was moderated by Ms Babeeta Sharma, Secretary, BFSI Committee of PHD, The theme address was disclosed by S K Sethi, Founder & CEO, Insurance Foundation of India with Banna Ram Meena, Chairman of Saras Dairy, Alwar, whose suggestions may be helpful to the Government to come out with the concrete policy on Livestock Insurance.

Dr O P Chaudhary, Joint Secretary, National Livestock Mission and Chairman, Animal Welfare Board of India presented the Government point of view towards the livestock Insurance. Dr Balla Swamy, General Manager, New India Assurance Company Limited also presented the companies policies towards the livestock.

Dr Steward Doss, Faculty Member, National Insurance Academy and Dharmendra kumar Sharma, Consultant Rural Insurance, Haryana State Government and Ms Anupama Rathore, Actuarial Analyst, MistEO India Private Limited, Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala presented the information related to the Livestock Insurance.

Dr Arun Jain, FIII, Deputy General Manager, New India Assurance Company Limited also apprised the delegate in very simple language about the issues pertaining to the Livestock Insurance. While attending the Livestock Insurance - Need of the Day, an interesting fact regarding the "Dog Insurance Scheme" from New India Assurance was also helpful for the pet lovers.

Vinod Jain, Chairman, BSFI Committee, PHD Chamber summarized the complete idea of the Livestock Insurance in the beginning of the Seminar.

Points covered in the Seminar were - Livestock Risk – Should Insurance be made mandatory? Quality of animals can be improved with investment through loans; Investment & improvement of Veterinary infrastructure is needed in a big way to support the farmers; Product innovation needed in Insurance; What can we learn from other countries?;Availability of Cheaper, sufficient loans is essential for growth of this part of our economy.

The number of Farmers having 2-10 animals attended the seminar to get aware themselves about the issues pertaining to the Livestock Insurance.

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