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Mission Shakti Scheme: Fish Hatchery Unit To Be Built Soon in Odisha

Mission Shakti has invested Rs 25 lakh towards the establishment of the unit.

Shivani Meena
Fish Hatchery Unit
Fish Hatchery Unit

A fish hatchery unit will soon be built on a three-acre plot of land in Subalaya, Ganjam district of Odisha, by members of women self-help groups (SHGs) under the state government's Mission Shakti scheme.

Mission Shakti has invested Rs 25 lakh towards the establishment of the unit. In addition, 10 women SHGs would donate Rs 5 lakh to the initiative. Surath Pradhan, the husband of Ganjam panchayat Samiti chairperson Sarmistha Pradhan, donated the plot of land to the organizations.

"We have donated the land for the unit to be built upon a 20-year lease basis." "The project would provide livelihood support to local women," Sarmistha explained.

In the region, three big tanks, each measuring an acre, will be built. "The tanks are still being worked on. In one and a half months, the facility will be operational," said Shinde Dattatraya Bhausaheb, project director of the District Rural Development Agency.

A fish feed production unit, in addition to fish seeds, would be developed for Rs 15 lakh. The SHGs will also be in charge of this. The project will involve 111 women from ten different organizations in adjacent areas.

"All women SHGs in the district will get fish seeds and feed on the units." "Fish producing operations have already begun in panchayat ponds in various areas," the official stated.

"The fish feed unit will also provide money to the members of the organization." Once the unit is operational, each member would earn at least Rs 7,000 per month. Currently, the groups obtain fish fingerlings from a variety of sources, including those in Andhra Pradesh," he explained.

"After witnessing how well this pilot project went, we're going to set up two more in the district." To grow the island's fisheries sector, we want to provide end-to-end infrastructure for women SHGs," he added.

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