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From Engineering to Aquaculture: Rajneesh Kumar's Fish Farming Success Story

An engineer by degree, Rajneesh Kumar narrates his tale of transition from a corporate employee to an entrepreneur.

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Rajneesh Kumar practices fish farming using both pond farming and biofloc technology
Rajneesh Kumar practices fish farming using both pond farming and biofloc technology

Let us look at Rajneesh Kumar's journey from a B.Tech graduate to a successful fish farmer. Over the past five years, Rajneesh has not only carved a niche in the booming fish farming business but has also amassed significant earnings in the process.

Rajneesh Kumar, a resident of Patla specialises in the cultivation of various fish species, including magur catfish. Despite holding a B.Tech degree, Rajneesh chose to venture into fish farming and has been dedicated to this trade for the last five years.

Aquaculture Techniques

Rajneesh practices fish farming using both pond farming and biofloc technology. While both methods are effective, he emphasises that pond farming remains the oldest and most efficient approach in the country due to its ability to provide the necessary environment for optimal fish growth.

Operating on a sprawling 100 acre land, Rajneesh manages his nursery on 30-35 acres, while dedicating the remaining 65 acres to fish farming. He has established his brand, 'PVR AQUA', through which he sells his fish. In addition to sales, Rajneesh provides training to fellow farmers and maintains a YouTube channel with educational videos related to fish farming.

Market Demand and Production

With a consistent market demand for fish and a supply that struggles to keep up, Rajneesh found an opportunity in this business. Annually producing around 300 tons of fish, he sells his produce directly to wholesale traders in Delhi, earning an impressive profit of around 40 lakhs each year. Despite the high operational costs of approximately 2 crores annually, Rajneesh remains committed to fish farming and utilises his free time to educate and raise awareness among fellow farmers.

Success Beyond Engineering

Rajneesh reminisces about his initial inclination towards farming and how he left his corporate job to pursue his passion for aquaculture. Fish farming appealed to him because it allowed him to have control over his produce, a luxury not afforded in other agricultural ventures like poultry or dairy farming.

Rajneesh believes that traditional farming practices prevalent among Indian farmers need to evolve. He encourages farmers to explore new options and suggests that fish farming is a viable alternative. Its adaptability to limited spaces makes it an attractive choice for farmers looking to diversify and potentially increase their income manifold.

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