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Pashudhan Bima Yojana: Government Provides 50% Compensation on Sudden Death of Animals

M Kanika
M Kanika

It is very important for a farmer to get his crops or animals insured. Farmers in India usually get their crops insured but forget about their animals’ insurance, which is equally important to prevent huge losses.

If a cow or buffalo dies then the farmer has to bear a huge loss. Keeping this in mind, the Central Government has started Pashudhan Bima Yojana (Livestock Insurance Scheme) for the farmers. In this scheme, if the cattle of the registered farmer die, then they are given their value so that the loss can be compensated.

What is Pashudhan Bima Yojana?

In this scheme, the government provides up to 50% of the premium deposited in insurance for the animals. The indigenous/hybrid milch animals are insured on their market value under this scheme.

How to Get Animal Insurance?

  • The farmers who want to get their animal insured, first of all, have to give information about the insurance in their nearest animal hospital.

  • After that, the veterinarian & insurance agent will come to the farmer's house and check the health of the animal.

  • After the examination is done, the vet issues a health certificate.

  • The insurance agent after the examination puts a tag in the ear of the animal, which shows that the animal is insured.

  • After that, a photo of the farmer and the animal is taken together.

  • After that, the insurance policy is issued.

  • In case of the loss of an animal, the insurance company has to be informed.

  • If the tag is dropped, the insurance company has to be informed so that a new tag can be installed.

  • If there is a Bhimashah Card, then 5 animals can be insured.

Different Premium Amount in the Different States

It is important to note here that the premium amount varies from state to state. In a state, both the Center and the states together pay this amount. 

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