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Poultry Farming: How to Increase Egg Production with Papaya Leaves

Priyanka Menon
Priyanka Menon

For successful poultry farming, farmers need to keep in mind certain technical objectives. The most important of these is good egg production. The key to making this business profitable is to collect attractive sized and clean eggs, store them well and market them in a timely manner.

Eggs should be collected at intervals of two to three hours a day. Collected eggs should be kept in special filler flats according to their shape, size and color and firmness of the egg shell. It is best to keep the eggs in a warm, low humidity area. At high temperatures, the water inside the egg evaporates and the weight of the egg decreases. The weight of the yolk decreases as the water from the white yolk joins the yolk.

Egg procurement and marketing are the most important factors in poultry rearing. Care of chickens during the production stage is a matter of great concern. Good egg production is possible only if the chickens are given nutritious feed and proper vaccinations. Another important factor is the hygienic environment in which the chickens live. An increase in the cage temperature to 37.3 centigrade results in lower egg production. Those who raise more chickens should take the control measures very seriously.

Having an average of at least 250 eggs per hen per year can make poultry farming profitable. If the hens are given calcium supplements from time to time, the hens will lay eggs well and the feathers will not fall out. Water is an equally important element. At least three liters of water should be given to the chickens. Decreased egg production in chickens is a matter of great concern to farmers.

An easy way to increase egg production with papaya

There are some home remedies for laying hens' eggs in a good way. An important ingredient is papaya leaf. The leaves are simply chopped and fed to the chickens or the mixture of this leaf extracts added to the drinking water of it. Here's an easy way to do it with this leaf .If your chickens drink three liters of water, add a teaspoon of lime to it. Stir well and leave the water for a while. Once the water is clear, pour it into another bowl. Then add a large size papaya leaf, cut it into small pieces, grind it in a mixer and make a paste. Pour this into plain water and add.

Feeding the chickens with water prepared in this way is very beneficial. If you use Groviplex and Vimeral, adding 10 drops of Vimaral and 15 drops of Groviplex will bring more benefits. It is recommended to give this water to four month old chickens twice a week.

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