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UK Farmers Apply Sunscreen to Pigs to Protect Them from Heatwave

According to a news source, pig owners are applying sunscreen to their pigs to save them from extreme heat conditions.

Kritika Madhukar
Some farmers and farm owners have shared photos of the pigs covered in sunscreen
Some farmers and farm owners have shared photos of the pigs covered in sunscreen

Europe is still suffering from a blistering heat wave. On Monday, temperatures in the United Kingdom reached 40 degrees Celsius. The rising temperature in the United Kingdom has forced pig farmers to cover their animals with sunscreen and damp towels.

In mid-July, temperatures in London average approximately 21 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit). However, it is possible that it may exceed 38 degrees Celsius this summer, along with other large cities such as Birmingham and Manchester.

As rising temperatures have begun to damage farm animals, people have begun to take the necessary precautions to assure their survival. According to a news source, some pig owners have opted to apply sunscreen to their pigs to prevent them from sunburn.

According to other news reports, Royal Welsh pigs are being lathered in sunscreen lotion to shield them from the blazing heat. In accordance with reports, the pigs are being lathered with factor 50.

Some farmers and farm owners have shared photos of the pigs covered in sunscreen. A video provided by a pig farmer shows the animals enjoying a cold mud bath during the heat wave.

As per reports, the animals on display would require special care this summer to deal with the high temperatures. Pigs were cooled down using blankets in prior rounds of the program. However, due to this year's record highs, they will require additional protection.

The Royal Welsh Show is an agricultural event and the largest of its sort in the UK, with Royal Welsh pigs participating.

The UK had one of its warmest days on record on Monday, with a high of 38.1C, and experts predict it will be much hotter on Tuesday. Due to the scorching heat, the British government declared a national emergency across the country.

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