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Modern Methods of Sheep Farming Business? Read Tips for Better Production & Maximum Profit

Usually sheep farming is defined as ‘rearing sheep commercially for the purpose of meat, milk and wool production.’ It is among the traditional occupations and business of the people of some countries around the world.

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Usually sheep farming is defined as ‘rearing sheep commercially for the purpose of meat, milk and wool production.’ It is among the traditional occupations and business of the people of some countries around the world.  However, sheep farming for commercial milk production is not a good decision.  Sheep are suitable for meat and wool production. You must have proper facilities, so that you can raise sheep in both small and large scale. 

It must be noted that, commercial sheep farming business is a very profitable idea. You will get your investment back within a very short period of time. But, before starting sheep farming business, make a proper business plan and work accordingly.  

Here we will inform you about the advantages of the commercial sheep farming business. Why you should do sheep farming? What are the modern methods of sheep farming? And the excellent tips for sheep farming. 

Why you should do Sheep Farming? 

Sheep are mostly raised for their wool, milk, skins, and manure production. Sheep meat is not only very tasty but also nutritious and popular to all types of people throughout the world. If you are looking for the most profitable business, then sheep farming can be a great idea as it is a good source of income and for eradicating poverty from the barren, desert, semiarid and mountainous areas.  

What are the Advantages of Sheep Farming business? 

  • For starting this business, you don’t need to have huge capital.

  • An expensive house for sheep is also not required as they acquire less space for living. You can raise sheep with other livestock animals.

  • The business of Sheep farming requires less labor as compared to any other livestock farming business.

  • Frequently sheep give birth to kids. Therefore, the size of your herd will be large within a short time period.

  • Sheep eat different kinds of plants, not like any other kinds of livestock animals. Hence, you can use them for cleaning unwanted plants from your garden or field. They can survive by consuming low-quality grass and turning it into meat and wool. 

  • Sheep very rarely destroy trees than goats.

  • Its products like wool, meat, and milk are used for different purposes.

  • They are very hardy animals and can adapt themselves to mostly all types of environments.

  • Commercial sheep farming business can be a great source of earning and employment by proper care and management.

  • Those who are unemployed are educated young, they can also make a good income and employment source through raising it commercially. 

What are the Modern Methods of Sheep Farming? 

Proper Planning: 

The good thing is that starting a commercial sheep farming business is very easy. First, always do a proper plan before starting any business. Then, follow it accordingly and always go through some step by step process.  

Choose a Suitable Farm Location: 

Then select a suitable location to start a sheep farm which is very important. Take care of the essential facilities for raising sheep. There must be the availability of a good clean and fresh water source, adequate amount of greens, good medication, transportation, and proper marketing are the required facilities for starting a commercial sheep farming business. 

Therefore, one must always keep in mind the above things while selection of land for business. 

Quality Breeds: 

You should try to purchase quality breeds from famous farms or breeders. There are various sheep breeds available around the world. But, you must know that all of those breeds are not suitable for farming in all areas. On one hand, some breeds are suitable for commercial meat production and others are suitable for wool production.  

Hence, choose suitable breeds as per your desired production purpose. Local breeds can be considered.  

Few Popular Sheep Breeds: 

  • Bannur

  • Bellary

  • Cheviot

  • Deccani

  • Hassan

  • Merino

  • Ramboullet

  • South Down


latest sheep farming
latest sheep farming

Basic Housing: 

Interestingly, sheep don’t require high-end or expensive housing. They are happy if you fulfill their basic housing needs. You can also raise them with other livestock animals, in small-scale production. For commercial production, you have to make a separate and suitable house for them. Their house should be suitable enough to keep them safe from adverse weather and harmful predators.  

An adult sheep requires about 20 square feet of floor space. Like, if you intend to raise 10 sheep, then you must make a house 10 feet long and 20 feet wide. The roof must be at least 6 feet high from the floor with a good ventilation system. House should be clean and dry with enough air and light inside house. The best will be to make a proper drainage system inside the house. 


For proper growth and maximum production, good feeding of sheep is a must. High-quality food keeps them healthy, productive, and diseases free. Therefore, always try to feed your sheep high-quality and nutritious foods. Usually, all types of grasses, plants, and corns are their favorite food.  

Besides the above points, always give your sheep an adequate amount of clean and fresh water as per their demand. 

Strong Fence: 

You must make a suitable fence around the pasture if you are allowing them to graze on the pasture. The fence must be strong enough, so that they can’t go out, and stay safely inside. If the fence is good then it will help to keep all types of predators out. Making a wire or woven fence is advised. 

Good Care: 

To ensure maximum profit from your sheep farming business, you must take good care and manage your sheep in a proper manner. Purchasing quality and productive breeds, feeding them nutritious foods, and making a suitable house for them is advised.  


Vaccinate your sheep timely. This will prevent them from various types of diseases. One must always keep good relation with the vet so that you can ask for help anytime. 


For marketing, the best will be to try your local livestock market. Also, determine the marketing strategies before starting the business. The international market can also be considered if you have proper facilities. Sheep products have a good demand in the international market.

Hence, there is an opportunity to earn foreign currencies by exporting sheep products. This will also directly increase national income. Poor people can earn some extra income by rearing sheep on a small scale. 

What are the problems in sheep farming? 

Some common problems can occur in the sheep farming business, like protecting your sheep from predators, shelter arrangement, protection from the cold weather, diseases, etc. Among these problems, predators and diseases harm the sheep most. Hence, make a suitable fence for protecting your sheep. To keep diseases away from sheep, vaccinate them timely. So that they stay free from various types of diseases which is the most dangerous threat. 

Tips for a Profitable Sheep Farming: 

  • For better profits, you must follow the rules of modern and scientific sheep rearing. 

  • Learn everything related to the sheep farming business.

  • Selection and purchasing sheep, pregnancy, lamb care, weaning, housing and shelter management, culling, keeping records, identification, dipping, health management, etc. plays a very crucial role in the commercial sheep farming business. 

  • Must choose healthy sheep breed. Take some extra care for sheep feeding.

  • There should be proper marketing to maximize profits. First, determine your marketing plan.

  • Read a lot of books, magazines or webpages about sheep farming. You can also visit some farms practically in your area, gather experience from them and finally do it. 

All the Best from Krishi Jagran! 

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