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What are the Benefits of Pashu Dhan Bima Yojana; How and Where to Get It

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

Livestock or farm animals are one of the most valued possessions of the rural community. Farmers earn good amount of money from cattle rearing. Since the livelihood of farmers depend so much on them, it is essential to get cattle insurance (pashu bima) for comprehensive coverage against cattle loss.  Cattle insurance is another attempt of the Government of India to protect the agro-based economy of the country.

What is Pashu Dhan Bima Yojana?

Pashu Dhan Bima Yojana is an online insurance policy that is designed to provide insurance cover to the cattle (livestock), which are owned by farmers, co-operative societies and dairy farms etc. Pashu Dhan Bima Yojana provides insurance cover to the cattle owners or breeders at different premium rates for different animals.

What all is covered under Pashu Dhan Bima Yojana?

Below we have given the coverage that is provided under Pashu Dhan Bima Yojana:

In Case of Death of Cattle or livestock due to:

  • Natural Accidents like flood, earthquake, famine, etc.

  • Diseases

  • Terrorist Act

  • Surgical Operations

  • Strike and Riot


Eligibility Criteria of Pashu Dhan Bima Yojana



Milch Cows

2-10 years

Milch Buffaloes

3-12 years


2-12 years

Stud Bulls

2-8 years

Indigenous/ 1st exotic cross breed female calves/ heifers

4 months- 1st calving


 Pashu Dhan Bima Yojana Exclusions

Below we have listed the exclusions under Pashu Dhan Bima Yojana:

  • Negligence, unskilled treatment or animal’s use

  • Contracted diseases or accidents prior to policy’s commencement

  • Intentional killing, killing under legal and/or veterinarian’s supervision

  • Air or sea transport and transit beyond 80 kilometres.

  • Any kind of partial disability

  • Damage because of war, nuclear exposure, theft, secret sales or a missing case of an insured animal

  • Animal’s demise within fifteen days of policy’s inception

Benefits of Pashu Dhan Bima Yojana

  • High Sum Insured

  • Easy Claim Settlement process

  • Death Benefit

Companies providing Pashu Dhan Bima Yojana in India

At present, there is only one company in the country that provides Pashu Dhan Bima Yojana - IFFCO-TOKIO General Insurance.

To know more about IFFCO TOKIO insurance details visit - https://www.iffcotokio.co.in

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