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Wonder Herbal formulation by PGIMER for use in animals during COVID-19 times: GADVASU

KJ Staff
KJ Staff
Dr Inderjeet Singh
Dr Inderjeet Singh

A new herbal antiseptic ‘Sepil’ showed miraculous results for wound healing at Vet Hospital of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana. This has been developed by Prof Vikas Gautam, Dept of Medical Microbiology, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) , Chandigarh after extensive research of over a decade. The antiseptic, which has shown remarkable wound healing capability along with local analgesia in humans, is also amazingly effective in treating wounds of dogs. It is amongst the few innovations of this prestigious institute that have been granted patent and is licensed.  

“Amazing results in wound healing have been shown in dogs after application of ‘Sepil’ even in very bad wounds” says Dr Inderjeet Singh, Vice Chancellor, GADVASU, Ludhiana. He revealed that looking at the initial success of ‘Sepil’ in chronic non-healing human wounds, we’ve started it’s use in animals at GADVASU Veterinary hospital. Clinicians noticed remarkable healing of the wound to the tune of 70-80% within 6 days in a dog. Dr Inderjeet Singh said that one can barely recognize that there was ever a wound at the site after the application of ‘Sepil’ along with the initial use of systemic antibiotics for 5 days. The filling of the void created by the bite, no scarring and the normal hair appearance in the follow up were clearly visible. With this herbal formulation debridement surgeries are avoided as in human cases and pet owners visits are also not needed in this COVID time. Owners can apply Sepil at home and need not to come to hospital for dressing, debridement etc, 

The wound completely healed with appearance of normal hair. This is what is desired by the pet-lovers and ‘Sepil’ has come up to their expectations. 

“The results have been quite encouraging with quick healing and good rejuvenation of around 5 cm X 2 cm deep wound” says Dr Navdeep Singh, HoDDeptt. of Veterinary Surgery, GADVASU. Another very big wound healed in about 40 days which on first inspection seemed very difficult to heal. He stated that the testing is going on in more animals and soon we will get concrete data.  

Sepil’ is likely to be the much-awaited solution for non-healing wounds, said Prof. Vikas Gautam, the inventor of this formulation. 

For any query please contact Dr. Navdeep Singh – 81461-11155 

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