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World Bee Day 2020: How Beekeepers Can Ensure Longer & Healthier Lives of their Bees

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya

To raise awareness about the importance of bees and their contribution to sustainable development, World Bee Day is celebrated on every 20th of May. Beekeeping is one of the most sought-after agricultural activities in India, which is not only financially rewarding for the beekeepers but also helps in promoting the sustainability of the ecosystem. 

Recently, the Indian government has put up many efforts for promoting beekeeping. Amid the lockdown prevailing across the country, the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced a provision of financial aid of Rs 500 crore for beekeepers under the scheme Aatmanirbhar Bharat. It is estimated that more than 2 lakh beekeepers will benefit from this. 

Today, on World Bee Day 2020, let’s discuss how a beekeeper can ensure better health of bees in order to ensure a rewarding business.   

Save the Bees: Promoting Better Bee Health 

The ecosystem comprises of different communities of organisms. While we live in a shared environment, the fact that each community has great significance on each other’s existence should be there in our consciousness in order to create a sustainable environment. Recently, a study revealed that pollinators like bats, butterflies, and especially bees are one of those organisms on which our ecosystem largely depends. 

While maintaining good health of their bees could be a gentle step towards sustainable development, many beekeepers could utilize better health of their bees by making good money out of it. Here is how a beekeeper can maintain the good health of their bees. 

Regular Checkups for Pest & Disease Control 

While many a time, beekeepers move their hives for pollination or other purposes, it is possible that the bees could infect with pests and diseases. To make sure that the bees are pest-free and disease-free, beekeepers must purchase clean hives and equipment. If you are purchasing a second-hand hive or equipment, do make sure that you buy it from beekeepers who regularly check for pests and diseases. If buying a new hive, isolate it for up to 6-12 months to ensure a satisfying health status. 

Keeping The Surroundings Clean  

The apiary should be clean in order to maintain good hygiene. Apiary is basically the area or location where you keep your beehives. You should also use clean and sanitized apiary equipment. Don’t let wax accumulated on the equipment. Always clean extracting machines, drums, or containers before and after use. You should also ensure that the honey containers are cleaned inside and out and dried and sealed before use. 

Dispose of Waste Material Timely 

In case of any spillage of wax or honey from the combs, ensure that you destroy or cover it. This is because there might be chances of honey bees robbing their own waste. This can also make them ill. So maintaining good hygiene practices is a must. 

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