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World Veterinary Day at Central Institute for Research on Cattle, Meerut

The Central Institute for Research on Cattle, Meerut celebrated the World Veterinary Day 2019 at its campus.  The Chief Guest on the occasion, Dr. Ashok Kumar, Assistant Director General (Animal Health), ICAR, stressed on the routine vaccination of dairy animals to maintain their health and get assured profits from the production of better quality milk.

Dr. Kumar opined the farmers for dispelling the myths among the people about the drop in milk yield due to vaccination. He also made them aware on the availability of a number of high quality vaccines now-a-days in the markets that are capable enough to protect the animals from falling prey to the outbreaks of diseases. The ADG also highlighted the ICAR’s role in making the products like FMD vaccine that is thermo-stable and effective. 

Dr. NV Patil, Director of ICAR-CIRC briefed on the theme of the World Veterinary Day. He also sought active participation of the dairy farmers in the Institute-run activities like MGMG, Farmer’s First and Ambulatory Clinic. 

Dr. Arvind Bhargava, a Field Veterinarian made the farmers of Western Uttar Pradesh aware about the precautionary measures that are required for the control of FMD. 

Shri Madanpalji, Representative Progressive Dairy Farmer assured that the farmers will follow the schedule of vaccination for protecting the livestock in order to ensure the survivability. 

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