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11 Must-Visit World Food Destination

In this article, we have listed the 11 best food destinations around the world that also includes the Indian city of Kolkata.

Aarushi Chadha
As per reports, we have listed below 11 must-visit food destinations.

As Covid restrictions have eased and people are now looking for places wherein they can unwind, relax, and experience amazing food with their family or friends. Many of you may have already visited these places but those who have not must definitely go there once.

Now, let’s take a look at Eater’s Where to Eat in 2023 list.

Albuquerque, U.S.A.- Albuquerque, New Mexico has a burgeoning entertainment industry, with shows like Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, and Stranger Things being shot there. While Albuquerque’s roadside culture may have faded, places like Duke City have become popular for its string of restaurants and bars.

Dakar, Senegal- Dakar, Senegal is already an excellent place to travel because of its enviable coastline and hospitality. For generations, the city of Dakar has preserved the local culinary traditions of West Africa also making it a culinary hotspot. Visit Dakar not only for its amazing cuisine but also for its lively music scene, cultural exhibitions at the Museum of Black Civilizations, and flourishing surfing culture.

Tamaki Makaurau, New Zealand- Tamaki Makaurau is the Maori name for Auckland. The name refers to the portage routes, strategic vantage points, and abundance of natural resources of Auckland. The Maori community has pushed for a long-overdue culture shift through the process of opening Maori restaurants, using original names for local ingredients, and restoring foodways that were previously lost.

Halland, Sweden- Halland is a sleepy rural county tucked between Gothenburg and Skane, Sweden’s breadbasket. Halland is slowly gaining recognition as Northern Europe’s gastro-capitals for many reasons. The main selling point of Halland’s cuisine is the ambitious cast of restaurateurs that are luring customers into its lush forests and breath-taking coastline where they get an opportunity to disconnect from daily life and connect with the meals present before them.

Kolkata, India- The only Indian city to make it to this list is Eastern India’s biggest metropolitan city, Kolkata. The list also gave special mention to classic Bengali sweets such as Amriti, Sandesh, Darbesh, Mishti Doi, and Roshogolla. Although the conversation around food in Kolkata was previously dominated by traditional establishments, things have started to shift as a slew of young chefs is experimenting with fresh produce, sustainable practices, and global flavours.

Cambridge, England- Just 40 minutes away from London by train, Cambridge is known for its beautiful architecture and picturesque River Cam. It is also an incredibly popular dining destination that has to specifically cater to students from around the world and its residents. For its small size, Cambridge has over 100 pubs and visitors must catch the full English experience by not setting up a base and trying many of them at the same time.

Manila, Philippines- Manila, the capital of the Philippines, gives tourists a chance to experience proper Filipino cuisine from the comfort of a major city. The food scene in Manila has evolved over the years due to the influx of a new generation of expat Filipinos coming home and focusing on local flavours with a modern twist.

Guatemala City, Guatemala- Guatemala City is experiencing a cultural revolution with more contemporary restaurants set up their base in the arts district of Quatro Grados Norte and with Indigenous cooks getting a better platform for celebrating Maya culture by showcasing centuries-old recipes. By 2022, Guatemala City has become one of the most exciting food spots in Latin America.

Sardinia, Italy- While many tourists stick to travelling to Rome, Sicily, and the Amalfi coast when a trip to Italy is planned, however, food enthusiasts know that the best food, nay the most authentic Italian food, is found in Sardinia. In Sardinia, tourists get a chance to work on farms, dine on ornate homemade pasta, spit roast a pig, and sip on sweet spiked wine.

Asheville, North Carolina- Asheville, North Carolina, U.S.A, is known for its many craft breweries and a strong dining scene that serves food that goes along with IPA beers.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam- Many food tourists consider Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam as the ultimate food destination to satiate their hunger. This metropolis’ hidden alleyways are filled with street food stalls, ultramodern cafes, and super hip cocktail bars. 

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