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From Fertilizer to Seed Meal, Here are 7 Uses of Mustard

Mustard oil is a household favorite but there are other unexpected ways mustard can be used after its harvested.

Binita Kumari
From fertilizer to seed meal, here are 7 uses of mustard
From fertilizer to seed meal, here are 7 uses of mustard

Mustard is widely known for being a healthy edible oil source, however, did you know that it has other uses too? From its use in farms to industries, mustard is proving itself as more than a household product. Here are 7 ways you can use mustard:

Use as Edible Oil:

The seed yields one of the most important oils in India and comprises 30–46% oil by weight. In northern and eastern India, it is an extremely well-liked edible oil. The kacchi ghani kind and refined mustard oil are the two varieties of mustard oil that are most popular in India. The majority of consumers favor the Kacchi Ghani variety because of its distinctive color and pungency. People that are concerned about their health prefer refined oil.

Use as Spices:

In India as well as in European nations like France and Italy, mustard is used as a versatile spice for cooking dishes of fish, meat, vegetables, and other foods. There are hints that mustard has been used as a spice in Indian and European literature for a very long time.

Use as Fertiliser:

Mustard increases the yield when used as a fertilizer in sugarcane, berseem, papaya, tea plantations, orchids, and pond plankton cultivation.

Use as a Medium of Preservation:

In India, pickles, chutney, and other preparations are frequently made using mustard oil as a preservation medium.

Use as Seed Meal:

Rapeseed meal has great demand in India as a part of cattle feed and poultry feed since it is high in protein and low in glucosinolate content. It is exported to numerous foreign and Mediterranean nations and is in high demand by feed millers. The seed meal is also an important source of export revenue.

Medicinal Use:

The oil made from mustard seeds has antifungal qualities, making it beneficial for body massage in the treatment of skin problems. The oil can also be used with garlic and turmeric to treat rheumatic disease and joint discomfort. If eaten with salt and alum, it strengthens the gums. Also noted is the bio-energetic healing massage effect of sleeping on mustard seeds. Additionally, it is used to treat insomnia, anxiety, depression, and muscle and back pain.

Industrial Application:

The erucic acid found in mustard oil has a wide range of industrial uses. "High Erucic Acid Rapeseed" (HEAR) oil is a type of rapeseed oil that cannot be consumed but has several industrial uses, including the paper, textile, and plastic industries as well as lubricants. Low-erucic-acid rapeseed oil is becoming more and more popular on the international market.

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