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Have a look at World’s most beautiful Tea Plantations

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

Tea Plantations in World

There are many beautiful tea plantations or tea estates all over the world including India. If we talk about India in particular, then the most mesmerizing tea plantation here are in Southern part of the country i.e. Kerala, Tamil Nadu etc. In this article we have talked about some of the world's most beautiful and attractive tea estates. 

Darjeeling Tea Estates, India

The Darjeeling range of tea is considered among the best types of tea all over the world. The best thing about the Darjeeling tea is that it is very fresh, mild and refreshing to drink. Located against the backdrop of the noble Himalayas, the Darjeeling city is where this celebrated tea actually comes from. The chugging sounds of the city’s famous toy train are the only sounds that will divert your attention from the mesmerizing beauty of the tea plantations. There are a number of tea estates in Darjeeling like the Makaibari organic tea, Glenburn tea estate and Puttabong estate etc in Darjeeling.

Doi Mae Salong Tea Estates, Northern Thailand

Mae Salong, located in the hills of Chiang Rai region of northern Thailand, is a beautiful province with waves of abundant tea plantations line by line. The high-quality Oolong tea is the specialty in Mae Salong, so you can enjoy the taste of the local brew at any of the tea houses here.  Northern Thailand’s leading tea estate produces about 200 tonnes of oolong tea every year, making it one of the region’s main employers. Those interested can take their bags and head to Santikhiri for easy access to the undulating tea estates, where Taiwanese workers pat shoulders along with the local Akha tea pickers to manufacture one of Southeast Asia’s finest teas.

Munnar Tea Estates, Kerala

Munnar is a wonderful tourist destination with the world's best and renowned tea estates. It has more than 50 tea estates in and around the city. Some of the best tea estates in Munnar are Harrison Malayalam, Michael's tea, AVT tea, Brooke Bond etc. Munnar is also one of the biggest centers of tea trade in India. It is perhaps a place that showcases some of the excellent and interesting aspects on the origin and growth of tea plantations in Kerala's high ranges. Spending a few days in the region will give you enough heavenly moments for a lifetime to come.

Dambatenne Estate, Sri Lanka

Your trip to Sri Lanka will be incomplete without a visit to the verdant tea plantations of Dambatenne Estate, which is a major tourist attraction here. There are many good tea resorts here which are perfect if you wish to experience a plantation stay. The popular Dambatenne tea factory was built in 1890 by Sir Thomas Lipton, one of the most well-known figures in tea history.

Kericho, Kenya

The climate in Kenya is very much favorable for tea cultivation and for this reason the country has been growing tea for years. People visit Kenya’s tea plantations since a long time and Kericho has long been one of the nation’s best-loved estates. Situated amid the wet highlands of Kenya’s western Rift Valley, visitors will be able to see the bright smiles of the Kipsigis pickers and the view of mooching cattle making their way through the vivacious green hills. Unilever has been growing tea since 1924 in Kenya. Moreover, the estate in Kericho covers more than 8,700 hectares and is certified by Rainforest Alliance.

Long Jing Tea Plantation, Hangzhou, China

 Just 100 miles southwest of Shanghai lies the inexplicable folds of Hangzhou’s tea district: Long Jing, Dragon Well. This stunning enclave of Chinese history got its title from a legend - a camouflaged ruler who allegedly stayed there for a night. During his night stay, he saw a dream that the local hills and valleys concealed a huge sleeping dragon, who revealed himself to the dreaming ruler, foretelling much glory ahead. And when the ruler woke up, he named the region Long Jing, Dragon Well. Since more than a thousand years, Long Jing has gained a great reputation for its fine quality.

Rize, Turkey

Turkey's Rize region has some extraordinary tea plantations along the Black Sea coast, where over 200,000 tea growers pick green tea thrice a year. Rize, Turkey is a modern town trapped in the heart of a scenic small town. It hosts the annual Rize International Tea Festival that witness several tea experts from all over the world in this wonderful city. The festival takes place every year in June. Other places of attractions to watch out here are Rize Castle and Rize Museum.

Uji, Japan

Uji is a place near Kyoto in central Japan, which has some of the world’s oldest tea estates. Though the region is quite small compared to others but has some of Japan’s most sought-after teas. It is said that Japan was introduced to tea by a Buddhist monk around 1300 years back and since then the Japanese love for tea has only increased. Some of the amazing tasting varieties of tea here are gyokuro, matcha and sencha.

Yunnan, China

Yunnan in China has numerous famous tea plantations, which includes Dali in the north and Xishuangbanna in the south, both cultivating the soft pu-erh tea. The region’s subtropical plateau makes the ideal environment for the delicacies of tea. Top of this, Yunnan is the all-inclusive destination, attracting many travelers from all over the world for its thrilling mix of traditional cultures, extraordinary rice as well as tea landscapes.

Kolukkumalai, Kerala

It is quite interesting that the list of best tea plantations in the world starts and ends with India. No doubt the Indian tea is known as the best in the whole world. It must be noted that Kolukkumalai grows organic tea and the area is full of zigzag slopes that offer heartwarming views. Kolukkumalai also offers you a chance to enjoy a cup of tea at the highest plantation in the world. Here you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the lovely Munnar valley below. At about 7900 feet above the sea level, you get to see some glimpses of the neighboring Tamil Nadu. The fragrance of tea with mist covered peaks in the background makes a fascinating view.

Tea estates across the globe are evolving as perfect holiday destinations. Here you can spend a good time with nature as well as taste some of the finest teas in the world...

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