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How to Store Pulses: 5 Simple Tips to Keep Bugs at Bay

Taking care of the pulses are important since they can easily get infected with bugs and other particles if not taken care of. Here we have 5 easy tips to store your pulses.

Ayushi Raina
We'll provide you some simple tips for properly storing your pulses
We'll provide you some simple tips for properly storing your pulses

If there is one thing that stays on our kitchen countertops the longest, it has to be pulses. We buy them in bulk, store them in boxes, and then forget about them until we use them. And, every now and then, when we open them, we find tiny bugs and other particles in it.

This frequently occurs because we are not attentive while storing pulses or do not take care of their freshness. As a result, many of us simply throw away the containers. So, if this circumstance seems familiar to you, don't worry. 

5 Tips for Proper Pulse Storage: 

Today, we'll provide you with some simple tips for properly storing your pulses. These suggestions may also help to keep the pests at bay. Check them out below: 

Dry Neem Leaves 

Put some dry neem leaves in the bottom of the container before filling it with grains if you wish to keep a lot of grains. This will keep the grains secure for an extended period of time. Farmers have used this strategy for ages to keep insects from spoiling their crops. 


Aeration is critical for preserving pulse quality and reducing insect pest issues during storage. You can air the pulses from time to time and leave them in the sunlight for a while. 

Roast the Pulses 

It's also a good idea to dry roast the pulses before keeping them in your glass jar. Add a pinch of dry red chilli to the jar to preserve the pulses from spoiling. 


Add some unpeeled garlic cloves into the lentils container. After they have dried, remove them and replace them with other buds. If you apply this hack, your pulses will remain safe and insect-free for a long time. 


If you buy urad dal, chana dal, and moong dal in small quantities, you may keep them in the fridge in a container. As a result, the pulses will not deteriorate for a long time and will be protected from insects. 

Try these simple techniques to keep your pulses fresh! 

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