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Top 5 Wealthiest Farmers in India, Who Prove Smart Agriculture Can Make You Rich

Farmers who emphasized smart work in addition to hard effort and gave the farming industry a new appearance. Today, these farmers are considered among India's wealthiest farmers, and the rest of our farmers should look up to them for inspiration.

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Top 5 Richest Farmers in India
Top 5 Richest Farmers in India

Farmers who emphasized smart work in addition to hard effort and gave Indian Agriculture a new appearance. Today, these farmers are considered among India's wealthiest farmers, and the rest of our farmers should look up to them for inspiration.

So, let us learn about some of the techniques such farmers employed in their field. Innovation is just as important as hard work and that is what has made these farmers the Richest in India. 

Top 5 Richest Farmers in India.

Pramod Gautam

Pramod Gautam is a former automobile engineer who transitioned to farming in 2006. He now makes more than a crore each year after using a completely different gardening strategy. Pramod left engineering in 2006 to pursue farming full-time on his 26-acre ancestral property. Pramod encountered several obstacles in the beginning. He planted white groundnuts and turmeric but received no income.

Another major concern is that employees are choosing to relocate to cities and work in manufacturing. For such conditions, Pramod Gautam opted to move to alternative crops and new agricultural equipment that were less labor demanding, such as Mahindra's autonomous tractor technology. 

Pramod shifted his focus fully to agriculture in 2007-08. He cultivated oranges, guavas, lemons, Toor Dal, and a variety of other fruits and vegetables. He also made the decision to establish his mill. He sells both processed and raw pulses. He earns roughly Rs. 1 crore per year from his dal mill and an extra Rs 10- 12 lakh from his farm produce, which is far more than he earned as an engineer.

Sachin Kale

Sachin Kale, a mechanical engineer from Nagpur, began his career in a power plant. He left his cushy life in Gurgaon in 2013, where he worked as a manager for Punj Lloyd and earned a good salary of Rs 24 lakh per year. He then relocated to Medhpar to work as a farmer.

"Everything was a problem," Sachin adds, "since I had no idea about farming." As a result, I had to learn everything from farming the ground to planting the seeds." He used his 15-year-old provident money to launch a renewable energy model. As a result, his land was valued all year and yielded the highest profit.

He founded his own firm in 2014 to assist farmers with the contract farming concept. Currently, his company assisting 137 happy farmers working on 200 acres of land and earning about Rs 2 crore.

Harish Dhandev

Harish Dhandev is a successful farmer who ranks third among India's top five wealthiest farmers. He also quit his government job to begin cultivating Aloe Vera in Rajasthan. Following that, he made the decision to work on his ancestral estate in Jaisalmer.

Harish conducted his research online using services that connect farmers' ideas with agri-experts. Harish discovered that if he explores for new industries and uses internet gateways to access national and international marketplaces, he may swiftly sell his assets for a profit.

Harish's initial 80,000 trees rapidly grew to seven lakh in six months. Harish then set out to find ten customers for his Aloe Vera supply in Rajasthan. However, they quickly recognized that they were selling the extracted pulp at considerably higher prices. So he taught his laborers how to remove the pulp, giving them everyone a little additional money.

Harish has purchased more properties and now cultivates Aloe Vera on hundreds of acres. In addition, he operates his own firm, Dhandev Global Group, which is based in Dhaisar, Rajasthan, 45 kilometers from Jaisalmer. And his current revenue fluctuates between Rs. 1.5 and 2 crore.

Based on the preceding three stories, you may believe that only educated farmers may be successful. However, this is seldom the case.

Ram Saran Verma 

Ram Saran Verma is India's most prosperous farmer, bringing modern and more successful farming methods with him. Furthermore, he is the sole farmer in his state who delivers these approaches to tiny Indian farmers and rural areas. Ram Saran Verma has received various Indian farming awards for his efforts. His agricultural methods have been studied and replicated throughout his state. In 2019, he received India's fourth-highest civilian honor, the Padma Shri Award.

Rajiv Bittu

Rajiv Bittu is a Chartered Accountant by profession as well as a full-time farmer. According to him, farming generates more money than his chartered accountancy practice.

Because no one wants to raise their children among farmers, Rajeev Bittu's three-year-old daughter refused to interact with farmers on trips to his home hamlet. So he decided to start farming in order to change her mindset. So he made the first move, leasing property in Kuchu village, 32 kilometers from Ranchi.

He didn't always have the money to pay the land rent. As a result, he offered the landlord a third of the vegetables he raised. As a result, his agricultural career began. To maximize productivity on his farm, he adopted cutting-edge technology like as drip irrigation and mulching.

Rajeev had a nice crop of watermelon and muskmelon in mid-2014. However, the profit was not as satisfying as his investment. As a result, he decided to divide the property into tiny portions and assess his investment and earnings from each section.

Rajeev Bittu has leased 32 acres of the farm and grows brinjal, cucumber, watermelon, and a variety of other crops. He makes a profit of roughly Rs 15 lakh to 16 lakh per year by using techniques such as drip irrigation and mulching to maximize productivity at his farm.

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