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World Egg Day: Weird Eggs You Can Eat

World Egg Day is every year celebrated on the second Friday. It was established in Vienna in 1996 to honor the eggs packed with nutrition. World Egg Day is celebrated on Friday the 13th. The day is celebrated to make people understand that eggs are an excellent and affordable source of high-quality nutrition.

Aysha Anam

We all love eggs in different forms, including scrambled, boiled, baked, fried, etc. Apart from hens, there are many different animals, birds, and fish, whose eggs are commonly eaten. Here's a look at weird eggs you can eat.

List of Weird Eggs You Can Eat

Emu eggs

Weight: 0.9 kg

Used in: Scramble, Fry, Boil, Milkshake

Countries: Australia, US

Price: $90 per piece

These eggs lookthese stunning in blue-green colour. They are expensive, as one egg costs roughly about 12 chicken eggs. These eggs have 50 per cent whites and 50 per cent yolks. People in United States eat these eggs with truffles and mushrooms. People think that these eggs taste better than chicken eggs.  

Shark eggs

Weight: 1.35kg

Used in: Boiled, Fried, Baked, Grinded in meals

Countries: Maldives

Price: $999.99 per piece

People in Maldives are so fond of eating shark eggs that the government had to put restrictions on it. They generally grind these eggs and use the mixture in different meals. Ground and dried shark eggs provide numerous dietary benefits, including adding nutrients that are missing in people’s diets.

Octopus eggs

Weight: 22 milligrams

Used in: Sushi, Raw

Countries: Japan

Price: $7.71 per piece

Octopus eggs remain inside while it is being cooked and eaten as a whole. They are used to top sushi in Japan. It tastes sweet and nutty. 


Seagull eggs

Weight: 85 g

Used in: Scramble, Fry, Boil, Poach, Meat

Countries: London, US

Price: $9 per piece

These eggs are richer than chicken eggs. In London, seagull eggs are served in high-end restaurants with caviar, truffles, and foie grass.

Turtle eggs

Weight: 28 g

Used in: Salad and Soup

Countries: Indonesia, Mexico, Nicaragua, and USA (Banned)

Price: $0.84 per piece

People in the US have been so much addicted to turtle eggs that the government has banned it in some states. These eggs are slimy and less appetizing. It is said that eating turtle eggs aids in men's potency and increases age. 


Crocodile eggs

Weight: 70 g

Used in: Ice-cream

Countries: Jamaica, Australia, Philippines, and US

Price: $12 per piece

These eggs need to be thoroughly washed because they are hosts for fungi. 

Snail eggs

Weight: 50 g

Used in: Fried, grilled with beef, placed in canapes, salad,

Countries: Italy and Barcelona

Price: $1969 - $90 per piece

These eggs taste like grass and mushrooms. In France, snail eggs are served on toast. There is superstition around snail eggs that they make your sex life better and you may live longer by eating them.

Penguin eggs

Weight: 61 g

Used in: Scrambled

Countries: Antarctica

Price: $10 per piece

Penguin eggs were a staple in Antarctica until 2000, when it was banned. These eggs are high in protien and eaten with toast.


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