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2021 Webinar Series on Inhalation Toxicity Testing

Vipin Saini
Vipin Saini
2021 Webinar Series on Inhalation Toxicity Testing

PETA Science Consortium International, US Environmental Protection Agency, Unilever, and Syngenta, would like to share that a three-part virtual workshop series on “Using in Silico and in Vitro Approaches for Next Generation Risk Assessment of Potential Respiratory Toxicants” is now open for registration. 

The webinars will take place on May 19, May 26, and June 2 from 8am to 10am EDT. 

Each webinar features three speakers, and the meeting agenda and registration information can be found at www.thepsci.eu/inhalation-webinars. Note that you must register for each of the three webinars individually. 


19 May 2021, 8am-10am EDT 

Presentation 1: Annie Jarabek (US EPA Office of Research and Development (ORD)) 
Advancing application of NAMs and evidence integration in risk assessment:  Dosimetry is critical to exposure alignment 

Presentation 2: Arkadiusz Kuczaj (Philip Morris International) 

Presentation 3: Josué Sznitman (Technion Israel Institute of Technology) 
Advanced lung-on-chip platforms for preclinical inhalation assays: bridging in vitro and in silico approaches.


26 May 2021, 8am-10am EDT

Presentation 1: Nikaeta Sadekar (RIFM), Grace Patlewicz (US EPA ORD CCTE), Jane Rose (Procter & Gamble): 
Recalibrating the existing inhalation TTC datasets to develop refined strategies for inhalation safety evaluation  

Presentation 2: Louis “Gino” Scarano (US EPA OPPT) and Shawn Anderson (IFF) 
Revocation of a significant new use rule (SNUR) for a new chemical based on the results of a biosolubility assay 

Presentation 3: Paul Fitzpatrick (AstraZeneca)  
In vitro models to predict lung toxicity and influence drug compound selection.


2 June 2021, 8am-10am EDT 

Presentation 1: Marie Hargrove (Syngenta)  

Refining inhalation risk assessment of a contact irritant using computational fluid dynamics and the MucilAir™ airway assay.

Presentation 2: Maria Baltazar and Iris Muller (Unilever) 

Development of a Next Generation Risk Assessment framework for inhalation safety of consumer products.

Presentation 3:Sandra Verstraelen and Evelien Frijns (VITO)  

INSPiRE project: In vitro inhalation testing of silane & surfactant compounds.

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