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CIB&RC issues Public Notice for information and inviting Suggestions/Objections on The Schedule to the Insecticides Act, 1968

The inconsistency in listing of chemicals as pesticides are required to be included in The Schedule of the IA 1968. Nevertheless, over time since the enactment of the legislation, it had been observed and reported that The Schedule had a chemical notified as a pesticide multiple times which lead to confusion and inconsistency in listing of such pesticides.

Vipin Saini
Pesticides in Agriculture

Owing towards an observed duplication of inclusion of a single chemical over time in The Schedule has been a long-debated concern. Often it was observed that a similar chemical notified had been notified by different brand names/ chemical names. Recently, the Central Insecticides Board (CIB) had considered a request  to look into the same. The CIB is the responsible authority for chemicals to be approved and notified as a pesticide. This is required to make such chemicals to be mandatorily regulated under the Insecticides Act 1968.  

On a directive by the DoAC&FW issued to the Sect. CIB&RC early this year, a committee was formed to identify such anomalies in The Schedule. 

The same was reviewed by the CIB in its recent meeting and has been placed in public domain for public comments within a period of 30 days from publication of the same. 

The draft can be downloaded at  http://www.ppqs.gov.in/sites/default/files/public_notice_15122020.pdf 

Once the period of consultation ends, The Schedule to the IA 1968 is likely to be notified by DoAC&FW. 

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