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Drone Service Provider Ranking 2019

Excerpts of the Report on “Drone Service Provider Ranking 2019”. The drone service provider market is geographically well dispersed – in fact companies from 18 different countries made the Top 40 ranking.

Vipin Saini
Drone Service Provider Ranking
Drone Service Provider Ranking

Excerpts of the Report on “Drone Service Provider Ranking 2019” 

The drone service provider market is geographically well dispersed – in fact companies from 18 different countries made the Top 40 ranking. 

Zipline is the No 1 DSP in the world for the 2nd time in a row. This reflects not only their growth in operations and the opening of distribution centres in Ghana, but also their impressive $190 million investment earlier in 2019. 

Terra Drone have moved up into 2nd place due to their rapid growth in a variety of industries and geographical regions. They’ve done this successfully by opening up local subsidiaries in both European markets and growing ones like India (i.e. Terra Drone India). 

Aerodyne have moved up into 3rd place as they too have grown quickly over the past year thanks to strategic partnerships across the globe. This has been a very impressive growth, but it remains to be seen whether this rate of expansion is manageable for this Malaysia-based DSP. 

The latest additions to the Top 20 rankings are Verity Studios and Skylark. Verity are the first drone show providers to make it onto the Top 20 reflecting the growth of this entertainment segment of the drone industry. Meanwhile, Skylark as the first Indian company to make it into the Top 20 are likely to majorly benefit from the latest Indian drone regulations. 

The United States is the home to the largest number of leading drone service providers, a whooping 11 companies. 

Mapping, Surveying and Inspection are by far the application methods most commonly employed by leading drone service providers. 

While last year there were 3 delivery DSPs in the Top 20 ranking, this year there are 5 drone delivery companies in the Top 20. This reflects a notable growth in drone deliveries, and the increased public attention this method of using drones is getting. 

What's in the Report: 

The first chapter provides a report overview, summarising our findings. 

Chapter 2 focuses on industry break downs: in addition to showing where drones come from and what platforms can look like, this chapter outlines all the ways in which drones can be used. 

Next, Chapter 3 outlines the ranking of the Top 40 drone service providers in the world right now. It gives details on the type of applications that those DSPs employ their drones for. Further, this chapter provides the company profiles of the Top 20 of the companies on the list, including information on their products, partnership history, investment history, focus industry and company description. 

Finally, the Appendix outlines all the relevant definitions of industries in which commercial drones operate. 

Source: https://droneii.com/report-drone-service-provider-ranking-2019 

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