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EPA Reaches Settlement with Des Moines Cold Storage for Alleged Clean Air Act Violations

Vipin Saini
Vipin Saini
Des Moines Cold Storage

EPA has found that many regulated facilities are not adequately managing the risks they pose or ensuring the safety of their facilities in a way that is sufficient to protect surrounding communities. Approximately 150 catastrophic accidents occur each year at regulated facilities.

These accidents result in fatalities, injuries, significant property damage, evacuations, sheltering in place, or environmental damage. Many more accidents with lesser effects also occur, demonstrating a clear risk posed by these facilities.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reached a settlement with Des Moines Cold Storage Co. Inc. to resolve alleged violations of federal Clean Air Act Risk Management Program regulations at the company’s three refrigeration storage and processing facilities in Des Moines, Iowa. In response to the EPA inspection findings, the company took the necessary steps to return the facilities to compliance. As part of the settlement, the company will pay a $65,008 civil penalty.

At the time of the EPA inspections in March 2020, each facility contained over 10,000 pounds of anhydrous ammonia, making them subject to Risk Management Program regulations intended to protect communities from accidental releases of toxic and/or flammable substances.

Anhydrous ammonia presents a significant health hazard because it is corrosive to the skin, eyes and lungs. Exposure may result in injury or death. Anhydrous ammonia is also flammable and can explode if released in an enclosed space with a source of ignition present, or if a vessel containing anhydrous ammonia is exposed to fire.

During the inspections, EPA determined that Des Moines Cold Storage Co. Inc. failed to submit and implement risk management plans and a hazard assessment concerning the potential release of anhydrous ammonia.

About Des Moines Cold Storage

Des Moines Cold Storage is one of the Midwest's largest and most respected refrigeration and processing companies. Our reputation and experience come from over 100 years of serving our clients' precise business needs. Of course, over the past century, we’ve learned a lot about keeping our customers satisfied. While our most basic services involve only the simple refrigeration, freezing, and storage of your products in our custom-built warehouses, our team at Des Moines Cold Storage prides itself on our specially crafted service packages.

In the modern world of complex logistics and precise timetables, there are no two clients whose needs are exactly the same. These companies often have to choose from large service packages that either don't meet all their needs or require them to buy services they won't use. Not at Des Moines Cold Storage. We precisely tailor our services to meet the needs of our customers with a high level of efficiency, safety, and timeliness. Going even beyond that, we are able to maintain and train any specialized workforce that might be needed, as well as training for and operating of any special equipment. Coupled with our highly accessible and ideally located warehouses, there are no logistical needs we can't fill. In short, you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Over the last 100 years, Des Moines Cold Storage has built its unparalleled reputation on a set of core values that we refuse to compromise. These values represent the soul of what it is that we do here at Des Moines Cold Storage and the kind of consideration we give to every product in our warehouses. We are proud of our level of service and experience in this industry and are committed to bringing this service and experience into every facet of our customer-side interactions.

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