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Novozymes Introduces Enzyme-based Biological Crop Protection Technology

Vipin Saini
Vipin Saini

In Denmark, Novozymes is entering the biocontrol segment of agriculture with promising enzyme-based technology – expanding beyond its current base of microbial products and innovation. The new technology has broad potential to control major pests that impact the agricultural industry and are responsible for billions of dollars of damages each year.

As part of the entry into the biocontrol segment with enzyme technology, Novozymes announced a strategic collaboration with FMC, a leading global agricultural sciences company, to research, co-develop, and commercialize biological enzyme-based crop protection solutions for growers around the world in two specific segments.

Under a multi-year global agreement, the partnership will be targeting combination products of the enzyme-based biocontrol technology with FMC insecticides, focusing on FMC’s leading diamide insecticide technology, and targeting enzyme-based biocontrol solutions for controlling Asian Soybean Rust (ASR), a major soy fungal disease which is particularly problematic in South America.

Together, the companies will combine their respective R&D capabilities with FMC serving as commercial partner and Novozymes as the manufacturing partner. The partnership will leverage Novozymes’ enzyme biocontrol technology development to date, and the companies will work closely together to unlock the potential and seek the necessary approvals to commercialize the technology in the relevant global markets.

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