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The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) Join Hands with Biostimulant Coalition

The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) and the Biostimulant Coalition have reached a formal agreement to form a Biostimulant Council and work together to advance policy and regulatory frameworks that increase biostimulant market access and encourage research and innovation.

Vipin Saini

The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) and the Biostimulant Coalition have reached a formal agreement to form a Biostimulant Council and work together to advance policy and regulatory frameworks that increase biostimulant market access and encourage research and innovation. 

According to TFI president and CEO Corey Rosenbusch, the number one issue facing the biostimulant industry is not having a regulatory approval process that allows biostimulants to be marketed to or utilized by farmers. Similar is the case in India. India too awaits the finalisation of the draft guidelines on biostimulant regulations under the Fertilizer Control Order. 

TFI will be leading the way to change that and ensure the industry has a workable biostimulant definition, products have an approval path to market and scientifically defensible claims can be analyzed by growers to evaluate use on their crops 

TFI is the voice of the fertilizer industry of the USA, representing the public policy, communication, stewardship and sustainability and market intelligence needs of fertilizer producers, wholesalers and retailers as well as the businesses that support them with goods and services.  

The Biostimulant Coalition is a non-profit group of interested parties cooperating to proactively address regulatory and legislative issues involving biological or naturally derived additives, including but not limited to bacterial or microbial inoculants, biochemical materials, amino acids, humic acids, fulvic acid, seaweed extract and other similar materials. The group was formed in 2011. 

The partnership with TFI will provide the Biostimulant Coalition with all the tools needed to continue serving the membership they have, as well as growing those offerings. TFI brings to the table a high functioning team of professionals and a full suite of legal, policy, regulatory, and communications resources. 

In India, Biological Agri Solutions Association of India too, looks forward to such collaborations with related organizations to speedy up the formalisation of biostimulant regulations in the country. 

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