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UPL’s Acquisition of Arysta LifeScience Pays off - A Boost to Make in India initiative of the GOI

The recent acquisition of Arysta LifeScience has born fruits as UPL sets up a manufacturing facility at Jhagadia, in the State of Gujarat, India.

Vipin Saini

The recent acquisition of Arysta LifeScience has born fruits as UPL sets up a manufacturing facility at Jhagadia, in the State of Gujarat, India. Merely within two years of post-integration of the two companies, UPL has been successful in expanding its manufacturing capacity. 

The facility is 100% automated and DCS controlled, including the latest state of the art process technologies available. UPL is expected to leverage its manufacturing capabilities and cost leadership, making Clethodim more widely available to farmers across multiple geographies and crops. More than 150 new jobs are believed to be created once the facility is fully operational.  

The facility for the production of clethodim, one of the largest selective and effective post-emergence herbicides known globally to control annual and perennial grasses in a large variety of crops. The growing concerns over the resistance being developed by weeds to Glyphosate, and the restrictions being imposed on glyphosate use across countries including India, Clethodim is looked upon as an alternative candidate to step in and fill the gap.  

Diego Lopez Casanello, Global Chief Operating Officer of UPL stated that with the addition of the Jhagadia facility, the global manufacturing site network of  UPL demonstrates  ability to act quickly and with agility in order to provide agriculture solutions that address farmer concerns over weed control in commercially beneficial crops grown.  

UPL his as proven to be a global provider of sustainable agriculture products & solutions, with annual revenue exceeding $5 billion. Maintaining its position as one of the top 5 crop protection solutions companies globally, consisting of biologicals and traditional crop protection solutions. 

This investment significantly improves UPL’s competitive position and strengthens its market leadership in this key molecule, Clethodim. 

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