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4th Nepal Agritech International Expo

4th Nepal Agritech International Expo
4th Nepal Agritech International Expo

4th Nepal Agritech International Expo will be jointly organized by Media Space Solutions Pvt. Ltd & Futurex Trade Fair & Events Pvt. Ltd. from 25-27 February 2022 in Chitwan Expo Center, Bharatpur, Nepal. Nepal Agritech is an exceptional platform for interaction, exchange and trade for all the stakeholders, beneficiaries, sellers and buyers of the agro- sector. 

The theme for Agro Exhibition is “Progressing from Subsistence to Commercial Agriculture" to help grow agro industry in commercial platform. Over 80% of the population is involved in agriculture, which constitutes 41% of GDP. Sustainable agriculture, in terms of food security, rural employments, and environmentally sustainable technologies such as soil conversation, natural resource management and biodiversity protection, are essential for holistic rural development.


  • More than 50% of Export depend on Agriculture and is the main source of Income in Nepal.

  • Farming provides employment to 66 percent of the country’s total population and contributes about 33% to the gross domestic product (GDP).

  • In Nepal, 3091000 Hectares of Agriculture land is cultivated & 1030000 Hectares of Agriculture land is uncultivated.

  • More than 5% growth rate every year in Agriculture Industry in Nepal &Govt. is giving smart subsidy on

  • Fertilizers, Seeds, Machinery, and insurance

  • Nepal imported goods worth NPR 600 billion from India whereas it exported only around NPR 90 billion. Nepal imported farm products worth Rs 127.51 billion in the last fiscal year, up from Rs 99.35 billion before.

  • The Prime Minister Agriculture Modernization Project aimed to drive agriculture mechanization and commercialization on has allocated significant funds in the last fiscal budget for grant distribution and agriculture extension services for farmers.

Exhibitor Profile:

  • Agricultural Machinery & Equipments

  • Tractor / Harvester / Rotavator

  • Fertilizers/ Bio-manure/ Liquid Fertilizer Mfrs.

  • Agriculture Seeds Manufacturers /Exporters

  • Agro Chemicals/ Pesticides/ Insecticides Mfrs.

  • Biotechnology /Tissue culture Laboratories

  • Irrigation & Water Management

  • Greenhouses & Equipment Suppliers

  • Precision Farming Products

  • Climate Control & Automation Equipment

  • Planting Material /Seeds

  • Storage Equipment /Packaging Solutions

  • Researchers / Students

  • Professional consultants

  • Agricultural products traders/ Wholeseller

  • Magazines/papers/Books/Directories

  • Agronomists

  • Bankers & Investors

  • Distributors

  • Engineers & Technicians

  • Dairy, Poultry & Live Stock

  • Nodal Government Agencies / Department

  • Farm Management Equipment

  • Banks & Insurance Services

  • Soil Testing Equipment / Certification Companies

  • Post Harvest Handling Equipment

  • Agri-Business Consultants / IT services

  • Horticulture Supplies

  • Floriculture & Nursery Industry

  • Certification Agencies

  • Horticulture Processing Technology

  • Packaging Technology & Services

  • Bar code / Ink Coding Technology

  • Grading & Sorting Machinery

  • Scientists & Farmers

  • Farm Owners

  • Government Representatives

  • Marketers

  • Head of Municipalities

  • Cold chain Equipment for Perishable Produces

  • Cold room & Refrigeration Appliances

  • Cold storage Machinery & Services

  • Perishable Cargo Handling

  • Refrigerated Van & Trucks / Body Builders

  • Cooling Pads & Heat Extractors

  • Pack Houses / Warehousing / Surveyors

  • Digital Temperature Controller & Data Logger

  • Herbal & Medicinal Plants Exporters

  • Herbal foods products

  • Marketing & Export Services

  • Plasticulture Products

  • Aquaculture Technology

  • R & D Organisations

  • Plant Protection

  • Buffalo Meat Products & Processing Technology

  • Professional Consultants

  • Researchers

  • Project Managers

  • Scientists

For Stall Booking, Sponsorship Options & Other Details, Please Contact:

Event Name:4th Nepal Agritech International Expo
Date: 25-27 February 2022

Media Space Solutions Pvt. Ltd 

Address: 101, JDA Complex,
Bagh Durbar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Mobile: +977 1 4263715, +977 1 4263795

Mr. Mubashir Elahi 

Futurex Trade Fairs & Events Pvt. Ltd
E52 1st floor Kalkaji New Delhi 

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