5th India - GCC Industrial Conference

5th India - GCC Industrial Conference
5th India - GCC Industrial Conference

The India-GCC Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and the operationalizing of the India-GCC Framework Agreement are also on the anvil and seen to have the potential to double the quantum of GCC-India trade, from what is already a strong base. That, as they, would be the way to go for GCC-India relations. In fact, a Brookings Institute report argues that “India-GCC ties will be among the most important relationships for both sides in the coming decades.”

The Conference will seek to promote and galvanize GCC-India linkages to leverage the potential of trade and investment between the two to their true and immense potential.

Cooperation in the sectors such as Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, Infrastructure development, Manufacturing, Food and Energy Security, Tourism, Logistics and Supply Chain can be looked into for strengthening the bilateral relationship for the mutual benefit of both GCC member countries and India.

Objectives of the Conference

  • Create and provide a common platform for decision-makers from GCC countries to meet a range of Indian business leaders and companies at one place. Indian companies engaged in trading, manufacturing, processing, engineering, consultancy, construction, and supply of project goods will be present.

  • Identify and showcase ‘specific projects’ for investment and partnerships by GCC companies in line with their national strategy and sectoral priorities.

  • Showcase the strengths of the Indian Industry, and the opportunities available in GCC countries for collaboration and investments.

  • Project and showcase the capabilities, range and depth of Indian industry.

  • Discuss opportunities for participation of Indian companies in investment and trade in GCC countries.

  • Facilitate interaction and business meetings of Indian government and Indian funding agencies with visiting decision-makers from the GCC countries.

  • Facilitate focused and individualized one-to-one business meetings between the visiting decision-makers and Indian business leaders.

  • Present a strategy for facilitating a quantum jump in Indian participation in projects in GCC countries, as well as GCC participation in Indian projects.

For Other Details, Please Contact:

Event Name: 5th India - GCC Industrial Conference
Date: 22 November-31 December 2022


Address: CII Central Office, Mantosh Sondhi Centre
23 Institutional Area Lodi Road, Delhi
Phone: 24629994-7

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