5th International DronExpo

5th International DronExpo
5th International DronExpo

Drone International Expo is a showcase of capabilities, drones and anti-drone technologies, and unmanned systems for a variety of applications. It is a platform for connecting with a diverse range of buyers and industry stakeholders. End consumers will be linked to drone makers and inputs for diverse vendors.

The expo is a great platform for entering the newly opened market of drones and autonomous systems, as well as a networking opportunity for all players in the sector. The event will be a forerunner for drone-related business and is designed for the greatest level of B2B and B2G networking, while all stakeholders will receive up-to-date news and industry insights.

Exhibition Profile

  • Drones and Unmanned Systems Manufacturers

  • Component, Wires, Motors, Sensors, CCTV Suppliers etc.

  • Software Developers for Drones and Unmanned Systems

  • Service Companies

  • GPS and Geospatial Solutions Providers

  • Institutes Developing Drones

  • Defence Research Labs

  • Aerospace Companies

  • Space Research Organisations and many more

Visitor Profile

  • Disaster Response Forces

  • Police Forces

  • Rescue Teams of States

  • Defence Forces

  • Oil & Gas Companies (Refineries)

  • Geospatial Companies

  • Traffic Police

  • Forest Services

  • Land Border Management Forces

  • Coastguards

  • Construction and Large Infrastructure Companies

  • Film Production Companies

  • Event and Wedding Planners

  • Archeological Survey Department

  • Parliament and Legislative Assembly Security Agencies

  • Agriculture and Logistics Service

  • Metrological Department and many more.

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