Agriculture & Technology in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Virtual Conference

Agriculture & Technology in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Virtual Conference

Agriculture & Technology in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Virtual Conference will be organized by the Alliance Training and Conferencing on 16-17 September 2021.

The outbreak of covid has changed the way we do things on daily basis, and it also accelerated the need to embrace technology in the fourth industrial revolution. Compared to other industries, the agriculture sector has been slow to implement and take advantage of the variety of technologies that are powering the fourth industrial revolution .

According to the World Economic Forum(WEF), a quarter of all food, measured by calorie content, is wasted from ”farm to fork” and 8% of this loss occurs in the upstream value chain. Feeding the World in 2050 will require a 70% increase in overall food production because of population growth and changes in consumption driven by an expanding middle class.

Purpose of Conference:

This conference will highlight deep insight on how technology has transformed the future of Agriculture. It aims to define the keyways in which agriculture management must change within the 4IR and how the new technology can help deliver against these imperatives. Do not miss this event for anything, this is an incredible opportunity to network with other like- minded professionals and experts in the industry. This event will equip Agriculture engineers with the knowledge to prepare for the imminent impact of AI in agriculture.

Why attend this very special event?

  • Shape the future of Agriculture

  • Reflect on challenges & opportunities associated with the impact of the 4IR on agriculture

  • The challenges ahead

  • Develop realistic and detailed planning

  • New sequencing of agriculture to renew skills

  • Application to sustain an innovative digital economy in the 4IR and The impact of economic stabilization and adjustment on agriculture in Africa

  • 4IR intelligence & subsequent leadership development

  • Engage widely and holistically

  • Understand 4IR risks and highest benefit scores

Who should attend this event?

  • Precision Agriculture Specialist

  • Bio-processing Engineer

  • Food Engineer

  • Geospatial Analytics Scientist

  • Irrigation Engineer

  • Sanitary/Waste Handling/Environmental Engineer

  • Software Engineers and Software Architects

  • Advisor Government/Stakeholder Relations

  • Agricultural Lobbyist

  • Farm Business Manager

  • Farm Production Manager

  • Farm Owners

  • Brand Manager

  • Economist Consultant

  • Agricultural Agronomy

  • Environmental Specialist

  • Greenhouse Manager

  • Soil Scientist/Soil Conservationist

  • Seed Production Agronomist

  • Viticulturist

  • Weed Scientist

  • Food Product Research and Development

  • Agricultural Food Scientist

For Other Details, Please Contact:

Event Name: Agriculture & Technology in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Virtual Conference
Date: 16-17 September 2021

Alliance Training and Conferencing

Address: Cnr Bellairs Drive & Malibongwe Drive,
Northriding, Johannesburg, South Africa
Mobile: 010 023 3396

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