Uzbekistan Agriculture

Agriculture is an important sector of Uzbekistan’s economy, accounting for approximately 17.3 percent of GDP and employing about 26 percent of the labour force. Cotton and grain are the country’s principal crops.

Exports of agricultural products contributed approximately 9.3 percent to Uzbekistan’s external earnings in 2018. The government hopes to increase agricultural productivity through the adoption of new technologies, and to further develop processing and packaging capabilities to add value to domestic and export products.

The Government plans to develop the country’s textile sector, improve the value-added chain and hence process more of its own raw cotton into intermediary or consumer goods for export.

The Exhibition

In May 2020 Uzexpocentre will host 15th edition of AgroExpo Uzbekistan /Agrotech Expo, one of Uzbekistan’s leading exhibition for agriculture and food processing industries. The exhibitions specialized to establishing cooperation bet¬ween foreign producers and buyers.

About Us

Radeecal Communications is India’s leading exhibition organizing company on Agriculture, Dairy & Livestock sectors. We provide various opportunities to our clients to exhibit and expand their business in various parts of the world by organizing pavilion.

Exhibition Center

UzExpoCentre | Amir Temur str. 107 , 100084 Tashkent, Uzbekistan

With 44,6 hectares providing space for 6 pavilions on an area of 14,500 square meters of indoor and about 7,000 square meters of outdoor exhibition spaces.


FactCheck in Agriculture Project

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