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‘BioAvertI’ provides preventive solutions to block Pathogen in Crops

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

To mitigate risk caused by diseases of crops Dr Abhay Shendye, Founder CEO of the Swasti Agro and Bioproducts Pvt. Ltd., Pune has developed a three pronged program" BioAvertI" which gives preventive solutions to block pathogen entry, increase beneficial microbes and stimulate plant defense  mechanism. 

Swasti has developed nontoxic, biotechnology products (patented) that empower farmers to alleviate risk caused by diseases of crops.  

The Agri Start Up company offers services and products that are organic certified products for prevention of diseases of crops, bacterial diseases:  XansilOliSilgroNsil; Fungal diseases: Leaf Guard, LuxGro; and Nematode diseases: iCON4, RootGuard; Organic growth promoters: Swasti-Wonder, Swasti-Boost; and in field analysis by spectral imaging and microscopy and free advice service.  

A small microscope developed by the company is to be attached to the Android phone and the same scans the pathogens and helps farmers to be free from the crop diseases. Dr Abhay Shendye also spoke to the Krishi Jagran and demonstrated the working of the devise. 

Products commercialized on over 10,000 acres in 3 years in India and are taken to East Africa. Use of Swasti Products delivers to farmers: is 20 to 40 percent increase in the yield, 2X or more prices, Reduction in costs (15-35 percent), and 10-100 times ROI.  

The competitive advantages are Preventive organic non-toxic products; Mitigate risk of loss (as high as 90 percent) when season is bad; Loss prevention potential (Average loss over Asia-Africa is 30 percent as per FAO). 

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