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Now Tractors Will Use Water Instead of Diesel

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

There is a good news for the farmers of India. Now they will not need diesel for their tractors as in future the tractors will run with water instead of diesel. As per reports, scientists from Gujarat and Mihir Jai Singh of Jimpex Biotechnology have prepared a special kit for this, which will be launched in February. The new technology will not only reduce the cost of farming for the farmers in the country but will also drastically decrease air pollution.

How the kit works?

This kit will basically work with the help of Hydrogen and farmers can easily install this system on tractors ranging from 35 horsepower - 90 horsepower. In addition to this, the kit can be fitted separately with the diesel engine. Then Hydrogen fuel will enter the engine via pipes, which will also cut-down the consumption of other fuels in the engine and will also give more power to the engine.

According to the scientists from Gujarat, the most important advantage of this new kit is, that it will decrease the pollution caused by normal tractors. It must be noted that the kit is made up of H2 fuel cell hybrid systems and this technology has many benefits in the near future.  Several companies would use it in the machines and engines. The scientists also said that they have a tie-up with Jimpex Biotechnology company. They also have an agreement with the state government of Maharashtra but it will be introduced in Punjab for the first time in the country.


Now let's know about the advantages of this new technology

  • Fuel burns fast.

  • Cools engine temperature.

  • Can increase engine horsepower.

  • Can clean the engine.

  • Increases fuel mileage.

  • Eliminates carbon deposition.

  • Also increases the life of the engine.

The H-2 fuel cell hybrid system is a mixture of hydrogen device and oxygen. This increases the efficiency of the generating set. This system is a hybrid of other petroleum based fuels, which gives it enough energy. The best thing is that system-built kits can be fitted without any cuts or modifications to the engine. Also the device can be turned off at any time but the engine will still run. This claims to save 40% of diesel and up to 50%, according to standard diesel engines.

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