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Power Tiller Makes Farming Easier With its Multitasking Operations; Know How

Gone are the days when farmers used to employ bulls for ploughing the farm. In today’s technologically smart world, modern agricultural machines are the first choice of the farmers. Even the government is also giving exemption and subsidy so that farmers can avail these modern equipment. Tillage or ploughing is an important step in farming as a high yield depends on how better the field has been ploughed. To ensure a better ploughing of their field, modern day farmers rely upon power tillers.

Nikita Arya

Gone are the days when farmers used to employ bulls for ploughing the farm. In today’s technologically smart world, modern agricultural machines are the first choice of the farmers. Even the government is also giving exemption and subsidy so that farmers can avail these modern equipment. Tillage or ploughing is an important step in farming as a high yield depends on how better the field has been ploughed. To ensure a better ploughing of their field, modern day farmers rely upon power tillers.  

Many farmers cannot afford to purchase expensive agricultural machinery due to financial constraints. In such a situation, the government has made available the facility of power tiller for small and marginal farmers. The small landowners get a huge benefit from this agricultural machine. Along with ploughing the field, power tiller also saves the cost of weeding the crop. 

What is a Power Tiller 

A very useful machine for the ploughing the field, Power tiller can also be used to harvest the crop. As ploughing becomes better with the power tiller, irrigation, harvesting and hauling of the crop also become easier with this machine. 

How Power Tiller Makes Farming Easier 

  • Power tillers are multitasking in operations. It can help the farmers in ploughing as well as in crop sowing. 

  • If you attach the water pump to the power tiller, you can extract water from the pond, puddle, river for irrigation purpose. 

  • Other tools like thrashers, reapers, cultivators, seed drill machines etc. can also be attached to it. 

  • These are very light in weight, and can be easily carried anywhere. 

Get Subsidy on Power Tiller 

The original cost of this machine is approximately Rs 1 lakh. However, the government provides subsidy for the farmers. There are two ways in which government gives relaxation for the purchase of power tillers. A subsidy of 40% is given on 8 horsepower tillers while a 50% subsidy is given to the farmer who belongs to Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe.  

Who Can Apply for Government subsidy on Power Tiller 

Although any farmer can buy the power tiller, but the benefit of subsidy given by the government is given only to small and marginal farmers. Note that the farmer will have to invest full amount while purchasing the power tiller. Only after buying will you be able to take advantage of the subsidy. 

How to Register for Subsidized Power Tiller 

If a farmer wants to buy a power tiller on subsidy, then he/she will have to register on the website of the Agriculture Department of his district. Along with the registration, he/she will have to write an application to the Agriculture Department. After you follow the agriculture department contacts you soon. 

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